How to find the best online books for you
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How to find the best online books for you - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Book lovers know what they want to read. But what about those of us, who want to read a good book, \ndevelop a reading habit and for this we \nbuy books online\n,

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How to find the best online books for you

Book lovers know what they want to read. But what about those of us, who want to read a good book,

develop a reading habit and for this we buy books online, sit down for reading it, but are not able to flip

through more than a few pages before we keep the book aside.

This happens despite the fact that we want to read and we have spent our precious time browsing the

online bookstoreto buy that book.Actually this happens because, we are not able to relate to the book, the

book we tried to read is not the right book for us.

Now we are going to discuss how find the right books in few easy steps:

Firstly just browse the online bookstores, flip through pages and just try to read titles and in course of

time, you will find that some of these titles really attracted you. Make a list of 10 such books whose titles

attracted you.

Once you are done with such, look for the subjects, genres which these books are dealing with. Of the

subjects and genres you will definitely find that out of 10, many of the books are from the same genre or

subject. Once you find this, search books by genres, try reading the titles and again make a list of 10 such

books of that genre.

Now, start searching for these books on internet, read reviews on book review sites, etc. You will

definitely find one or two of these 10 books, too interesting to resist. Then you buy books online, but

before you start reading do some research on the subject, country, time zone (time period) etc, of stories

which you are going to read, this helps you relate to the subject.

Once you are aware of the subject, the time-zone, a brief history of the country in which the novel is set. I

makes you read in a better way. You are able to relate to the subject and thus you will be able to

understand, relate to the characters, plot and entire story in a better way. Most of the time, it is due to the

fact that we buy books by their title, actually title is the introduction to a book, but most of the titles are

written while keeping in mind that it attracts more and more readers, so we often end up not buying the

book which is best for us.

But I am sure after following these steps you will find your best book and will read it till the last page.

Happy Reading!

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