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Significance of Wire-Framing in Web-Development By iBaroody LLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Significance of Wire-Framing in Web-Development By iBaroody LLC

Significance of Wire-Framing in Web-Development By iBaroody LLC

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Significance of Wire-Framing in Web-Development By iBaroody LLC

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  1. Significance of Wire-Framing in Web-Development By iBaroody LLC

  2. What is a Wire-Frame? • In layman terms, wire-frames are the groundwork which is done before implementing the creative design. • Once the site-map has been decided, wireframes are designed in order to outline and place elements of a website in black and white layouts. • These elements include site features, page elements, conversion areas and navigation. Wire-frames allow you to see structural placement of all the website elements.

  3. Common practice which should not be common • Many web development companies in Lebanon and other places, tend to leave out the wire-framing stage and directly jump on to creative aspect of web-development. • The rationale behind this step is the notion that client might not understand the meaning and objective of wire-frames. So, why spend time and energy on it? • But, this is like going ahead to build a sky-scraper without making sure the location of the apartments in it. • The next slide throws light on several reasons why you should not skip the wire-frame stage.

  4. Visually clear display of site-map • Site maps, especially the larger ones, could be a bit vague to understand. Seeing a site-map in a wire-frame removes distractions and turns the abstract nature of a flow chart into something tangible and real. • It is an important step to ensure that the process of web-development which is going to begin is aligned according to the client’s expectations.

  5. Crucial to improve usability • Wire-frames help in identifying the flaws in site-architecture, thus paving way for development of a website which has user-friendly features. • It showcases page layouts at their core and enables everyone to look objectively at a website’s ease of use, naming of links, conversion paths, feature placementand navigation placement.

  6. Identify scope of content growth • In the beginning, you might have 10 products to sell. But in case you plan to expand your business further, there might be an increase in your product catalogue. • This would also mean growth in content. Wire-frames identify areas of possible growth in content and allows its accommodation without affecting site structure, web-design and usability.

  7. INTEGRATE CHANGES SEAMLESSLY • Wire-frames are a great way to buy time to accommodate changes suggested by the clients and save costs of making changes repetitively. • Full-design mock-ups require a lot of rework as compared to making changes at wire-frame stage. • One can deal with one element at a time instead of combining everything together. Elements can be listed as layout, functionality, branding, creativity etc.

  8. Timely completion of project • As mentioned earlier, wire-framing allows changes at the initial stage of website development. This helps save time and complete the project before the deadline. • Additionally, there’s more clarity in terms of development, content-creation, functionality. Minimum requirements of changes once the website is ready proves to be beneficial for web development company as well as the client.

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