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different types of graphics design services in lebanon n.
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Different Types of Graphics Design Services in Lebanon - iBaroody LLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Different Types of Graphics Design Services in Lebanon - iBaroody LLC

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Different Types of Graphics Design Services in Lebanon - iBaroody LLC
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Different Types of Graphics Design Services in Lebanon - iBaroody LLC

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  1. Different Types of Graphics Design Services in Lebanon By iBaroody LLC

  2. Lebanon based, award winning graphics design firms are offering their services to different types of organizations and businesses in the Middle East region that includes Dubai, KSA, Qatar, Lebanon, Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi, Kuwait, and several other nations. • These firms are providing different types of graphics design services in Lebanon. This post brings to you a glimpse of these services that can contribute to the success of your business or endeavor.

  3. Graphics Design for Corporate Brand Identity • Logo design is the most crucial aspect of your corporate brand identity as it will be used everywhere your brand goes – online, print media, events, advertisements, etc. • People will recognize your business, products and services by your logo. • The logo design elements involved here include the graphics, the color palette, the tag line, the size/style/shape of text used, and so on. • A logo can be designed only after a thorough understanding of the mission and goals of a business.

  4. Graphics design services for brand identity also includes design of business cards, flyers, catalogs, stationery items, envelopes, letterheads, CD cover design, presentation file cover and much more. • It is important to ensure consistency in branding values across all such designs. • Corporate presentations and PowerPoint slides are also an important part of brand identity. • Graphics design companies also offer their services to create design for corporate presentations in line with the branding theme.

  5. Graphics Design for Websites & Online Marketing • A lot is on stake when you design your corporate website. If people do not visit your site or prefer not to stay on your site for long, it is definitely going to hit your business hard. • This is where graphics design companies in Lebanon can help you. • They can use different technologies and tool to create a custom website design that matches to your exact specifications and corporate branding theme. • They can also provide their advice and recommendations with respect to use of special elements such as flash banners, 2D/3D animations, virtual tours, etc to help your website get the attention of your target audience. • Besides, design for web pages, presentations, videos, etc. for online marketing also require professional help from graphics designers.

  6. Graphics Design for Print Advertising Campaigns • Even in the age of Internet, print media still holds a place of significance. You would need expert graphics design services while creating brochures, catalogs, banners, print ads, media kits, etc for promoting your products and services.

  7. Graphics Design for Mobile Applications • Mobile apps are the latest trend. Most websites are coming up with mobile device compatible sites and apps to reach out to a wider audience. • Such sites or apps need to be built using responsive design framework and incorporating mobile compatible design elements and therefore require the expertise and experience of reputed graphics designers.

  8. Other Graphics Design Services • Others areas where you can leverage the skills of graphics designers include Web TV interface design, Web 2.0 magazines, 2D/3D animation services, flash projects, virtual tours, online video presentations, and design for direct mail and email marketing campaigns. •  Graphics design plays a pivotal role in building the identity of your business in both real and digital world. • Reliable and reputed graphics design companies in Lebanon follow a well-defined process to come up with innovative, interesting and attractive design ideas and themes in line with your branding values, business goals and vision.

  9. Looking for Graphics Design in Lebanon? Get in Touch with Us at: Address: 1st Floor Mega Mall Building, Furn el-Chebbak Main Street,Beirut – Lebanon Email: amb@ibaroody.com Mob:+961 1 284 222 Website: www.ibaroody.com