impact of goods and services tax impact of goods n.
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Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Budget 2018-19 PowerPoint Presentation
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Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Budget 2018-19

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Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Budget 2018-19 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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impact of goods and services tax impact of goods

Impact of Goods and Services Tax

Impact of Goods and Services Tax

(GST) on Budget 2018-19

(GST) on Budget 2018-19

Budget 2018 is the first union Budget after the implementation of GST in July 2017

Budget 2018 -19 is the primary union budget after the implementation of GST in July 2017. After the

implementation most provisions of the products and services Tax (GST) were tweaked and tax prices of

numerous products had been reduced in next GST council meets which resulted in a pointy decline in

authorities’s tax series figures.GST replaced extra than a dozen indirect taxes; these indirect taxes together

shaped a bulk of the government's income. service tax alone accounted for extra than 14% of the

government's sales in the final finances in 2017. as a result fall is GST collection is a prime motive for

problem for the FM.Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who's also the GST Council chief has stated that price

range 2018 will offer further possibility for him to deal with troubles associated with GST and also to

similarly tweak the GST fees. almost each zone goals a price reduce inside the GST quotes but in all

likelihood just a few of those expectancies could be met at the finances day given the precarious financial

situation that the FM has to cope with.

Effect of GST on Union budget of India

Certainly one of consequences of the GST on the union budget of India is that, now that the various indirect

taxes are gone the manoeuvring space for the FM has reduced significantly. before GST implementation

within the budget all the adjustments in the indirect taxes were contained within the component B of the

finances that handled tax proposals. but now any selection concerning adjustments in GST costs is taken by

means of the GST Council. for this reason other than modifications within the simple custom obligations

which are outdoor the purview of GST no large bang changes within the GST tax regime is predicted. The

FM is his budget 2018 may additionally nation about foreseen adjustments however gained’t be capable of

enforce concrete adjustments through the price range itself. some other impact of the GST on the Union

price range could be due to the fact after the implementation of GST the government’s sales has been step

by step declining which places similarly stress on an already strained monetary deficit target of the

authorities. along with need for beautify public spending in diverse sector, the fall in GST collection throws

up a tough scenario for the fm to address within

up a tough scenario for the FM to address within the finances 2018.

Demanding situations associated with GST in price range 2018

The most significant GST associated undertaking for the FM is to tackle falling GST sales. The GST collections

were consistently going South due to the fact that September. this is majorly due to reduce in GST rates on

many merchandise and due to small corporations opting to record returns on a quarterly basis in preference

to initially proposed month-to-month returns. If the cutting-edge fashion maintains the GST collection of

the government might be beneath collection of indirect taxes inside the pre-GST era, this could be a huge

jolt to the financial consolidation time table of the authorities. for that reason the most important GST

related mission earlier than the FM is to improve GST series via higher compliance, generation and different

means. any other venture for the FM is to amplify the GST base for that reason we ought to see a few

movement on this front too inside the budget 2018. authorities can also incentivise and provide

concessions and rebates to honest tax payers and make evading GST greater hard. GST whilst introduced

become speculated to be a consumer friendly tax regime as a result similarly steps to simplify the GST

system is likewise expected. The budget 2018 can also be used to iron out some issues that are plaguing the

GST regime such as export refunds which might be caught with GST branch, technological bottlenecks and