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5 things to look for in a location for your yacht repairs PowerPoint Presentation
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5 things to look for in a location for your yacht repairs

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5 things to look for in a location for your yacht repairs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lauderdale Marine Center is the largest marine facility in the United States. Our premier, all-inclusive, 50-acre complex will meet the needs of even the world's most discerning yachtsmen, captains and crew.

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5 Things to Look For in a Location for Your Yacht RepairsNeeding yacht repairs can be a nerve wracking time for a yacht owner. Your pride and joy is about to be tinkered with by many new hands and possibly even be lifted out of the water. This is not a time you want to take a chance with inexperienced people. What should you look for in the right place to have your yacht repaired?5 Items a Repair Facility Must HaveHere are a few items you should look for as you are selecting the proper marine center to repair your craft.Large haul out capacity. Top facilities offer haul out capabilities of 300 tons and higher.Long DockageCovered Work ShedsPressure WashersAmple Storage for Yacht components removed during repairs.You may not have considered the fact your yacht will require a covered work shed since yachts are water tight. Of course, during repairs area of your hull, deck, or cabin may be removed or exposed to the weather. The covered work sheds allow for faster yacht repair, too. The contractor can keep working on your yacht even when it rains.One suggestion you should consider is to look for a marine center with a vast area. This is a good indication they are successful. You do not grow if you are not satisfying clients.


Do you want Your Contractor or Their Contract Labor for Your Yacht Repair?Some marine centers only allow their own crews to work on your yacht. This can often lead to higher costs and unsatisfactory repairs. The caption, or yacht owner, should always be the person making the call on who will touch their boat. One of the finest marine centers in Fort Lauderdale has a list of 50 licensed yacht repair contractors you can choose from, or they even allow you to bring in your own crew. They are not trying to lock you down to only using their hand chosen contractor.This fact is very crucial to great repairs. You will discover as you evaluate yacht repair contractors some specialize in particular styles of yachts. You want only the finest craftsmen and repair personnel touching your yacht.Are You Getting All The Facts About Costs?A few yacht repair centers have a habit of covering up some of their costs. You think you have all the numbers before you pull your yacht into dock, and then you discover there are added fees for dockage or laydays you were not told about. The best marine centers share all of this information up front. You will find the most confident centers post their yacht repair rate sheet right on their website for everyone to see.The facts are very simple. Your yacht must only go in for repairs in one of the finest locations possible. You cannot trust it anywhere else. When you need yacht repairs there is only one question on your mind. Who can do the best job and make my yacht ready for action?