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How to Prevent Your iPhone from Overheating PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Prevent Your iPhone from Overheating

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How to Prevent Your iPhone from Overheating - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Prevent Your iPhone from Overheating

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  1. How to Prevent Your iPhone from Overheating "Oh, my iPhone 6 is getting as hot as fire. It feels as if it was going to burn." You may pump into occasion like this especially in hot summer. When it happens, your will be prompted that "iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it." Your screen shows you something as exactly same as the image showed below, which means your iPhone is being pushed out of its operation comfort zone. According to Apple, iPhones have an operating temperature ambient situated between 32° and 95° Fahrenheit, that's 0° and 35° Celsius. The manufacturer also provides information about a non-operating temperature interval ranging between -4° to 113° F, that's -20° to 45° C. If your device's temperature drops below or rises above its operating limits, iOS will prompt you with a warning message and ask you to warm it up or cool it down. It is better to get prepared before a rainy day. Now, there are some helpful tips for you to prevent iPhone from temperature warning and overheating in advance. Check it out! Tip 1. Avoid Exposing iPhone to Direct Sunshine

  2. Most people love to go to beach enjoying sunbath on vacations while leaving their iPhone being exposed to direct sunshine. The iPhone's fabric attracts and stores the heat pretty efficient. Your device can experience overheating even without being exposed to outside heat wave, let alone direct sunshine on the beach. Your iPhone may get hot in no time, and even risk blowing up. You would certainly not want to see this, so you'd better place it under shadows or somewhere cooler. Tip 2. Avoid Leaving Your iPhone in a Car Especially in hot summer, a car parked under a hot sun will result in extreme hotness inside. When it comes, the car will turn into an oven, roasting anything inside of it, so you'd better keep your iPhone along with you.

  3. Tip 3. Use iPhone Less When it's hot outside and you still have to be out, just try to use your iPhone less frequently. Use map navigation only when necessary. Moreover, since playing mobile games contributes a lot to overheating, you'd better not do so under a scorching sun. When not using your iPhone, you should keep it in your handbag or pocket in case of direct sunshine. Tip 4. Turn Apps off Some apps are still running in the mobile background even when you are not using your iPhone. Just turn them off, especially some built-in apps. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, those are three major apps that people tend to forget to close. GPS is the chief criminal for overheating and power-consumption on iPhone. For prevention of overheating, you ought to turn off those apps you're not using.

  4. Tip 5. Remove Case on iPhone Mobile cases are designed for better appearance of iPhone. However, when it comes to a hot day, they may turn into warmth keepers. You need to free your iPhone from your beautiful cases.

  5. Tip 6. Avoid Getting Close to Any High Heat Sources You should avoid getting close to any high heat source. This seems obviously right, but sometimes people are simply blind to it. Have you ever leave your iPhone on a long-running computer mainframe or beside the ventilation hole of a laptop? Don't do that again. Overheating may lead to potential danger and shorten the runtime of battery of cell phones. You should pay more attention to your iPhone. Try the tips above, and prevent overheating.