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Options include replay of message and feedback mechanism through IVR, a ‘reconnect feature’ for receivers who don’t respond in the first instance, scheduling automatic broadcasts at a time of your convenience, built-in bulk SMSing, and more.

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About Wisdom Jobs

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Wisdom Jobs

is: the only job portal that offers integrated online

skill testing of applicants to improve shortlist

quality. No wonder we are recruitment partners

to companies like HCL, Polaris, ATOS, Mindtree,

TeamLease and many more.

Hiring simplified!

Wisdom Jobs is a unique 4th generation job portal

that delivers simplified hiring. With a database of

nearly 30 million, around 12 million of whom are

skill-tested and rated through Pragnya Meter - our

proprietary jobseeker testing and rating tool, we make

it extremely easy for recruiters to identify the right

candidate to be interviewed, in much lesser time.

Put the Wisdom advantage to work for your

organization too!

Interested in experiencing the

effectiveness of VConnect? Let’s talk!

from Wisdom Jobs

Candidate Reach. Maximized.

Plot No. 305, 2nd Floor, Ayyappa Society,

Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081, INDIA

www.wisdomjobs.com | Email: [email protected]

Ph: +91 40 6628 2222 | Toll Free: 1800 420 2222

Traditional candidate follow-up model

Physical calling by HR/Recruiters

Total recruiter time taken per requirement =

(No. of candidates x Avg. time per call) + (Redials & Call-backs)

E.g. (for 100 candidates, assuming 50% connectivity on the first try)

(100 candidates x 1.5 mins.) + (75 mins.) = 225 recruiter mins.

Candidate reach through voice

broadcasting - to simplify hiring|

VConnect, the first of its kind voice broadcasting tool for

recruiters, is yet another reason for you to partner with

Wisdom Jobs for your recruitment process. It increases

candidate reach and consequently response rates, resulting in

better engagement with them through the hiring process.

Call 10

VConnect enhances reach,

in lesser time

VConnect can be used to schedule or make instant calls that

play your pre-recorded voice messages to inform or remind

candidates about action(s) from their side. With options like

replay of message and feedback mechanism through IVR, a

‘reconnect feature’ for receivers who don’t respond in the first

instance, scheduling automatic broadcasts at a time of your

convenience, built-in bulk SMSing and more, it is a powerful

tool designed to ease the process of reaching and engaging

potential candidates. Moreover, a feature-rich dashboard

helps in precise monitoring and tracking of campaign progress

and response rates.

Call 1

Call 2

Call 6

Call 7

Call 8

Call 3

Call 9

Call 4

Call 5

Simple steps to VConnect

• Log in with your account details.

• Access your dashboard.

• Create and name the group to which you want to send the

voice broadcast, and import/copy their numbers to it.

• If you have a pre-recorded message, upload it, or use the

system to trigger an automated call that will help you

record and upload a message.

• Use our advanced options to schedule ‘reconnects’ and

restrict call-backs.

• Start the voice broadcast immediately or schedule it to be

triggered automatically by the system.

• Monitor campaign progress and performance through a

dashboard and automated reports.

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 3

Candidate 4

Candidate 5

Candidate 6

Candidate 7

Candidate 8

Candidate 9

Candidate 10

VConnect to optimise Pragnya Meter

online assessments

If you are using our Pragnya Meter assessments, VConnect

when used at various stages of the pre-assessment, can help

you significantly increase the efficiency of the process.

Why you should connect

with VConnect

• Significant savings in manpower, time and costs involved

in scheduling assessments/interviews. Standardizes

time spent in candidate follow-up, irrespective of the

numbers involved.

• Ensures a higher rate of response and positive action from


• Especially effective as reminders for scheduled

assessments and interviews.

• Recipients will see the calls coming from mobile numbers

rather than Fixed Line numbers, thereby increasing the

chances of the call being answered.

• Helps in automating the process of following up with, and

eliciting responses from already-contacted candidates at

various stages of the recruitment process.

• Seamless backend integration with your job and

recruitment management system.

Single call

VConnect for employee engagement

• VConnect can also be used as an effective tool to connect

with and engage your employees.

The VConnect candidate follow-up model

Voice broadcasting via Vconnect

• Delivering key messages from the top management or

driving employee motivation and engagement initiatives

from HR is easier with voice broadcasting.

Total recruiter time taken per requirement =

(Time taken to add contact numbers) + (Time taken to upload/record voice message)

E.g. (for 100 candidates)

(2 mins.) + (3 mins.) = 5 recruiter mins.

• Results can be monitored through the dashboard, helping

you in deciding on follow-up actions in quicker time.