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Whitsunday Yacht Charter

Whitsunday Yacht Charter

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Whitsunday Yacht Charter

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  1. Whitsunday Yacht Charter On a Luxury sailing cruises at Whitsundays private yacht charter, sailing charter with Real life enjoy reef walking, Whole, Golfing, Sundancer, snorkelling, scuba diving, uninhabited island exploration, gourmet meals & fine wine

  2. Private Yacht Charter Whitsundays

  3. Whitsunday sailing charter

  4. luxury sailing cruises Holidays with the kids can be the most rewarding experience, especially when they are old enough to appreciate the wonders of nature. We have found that as there is so much variety in each days’ activity, that children rarely get bored. An aspect of the holiday that is often overlooked is the shared learning experience. Both parents and children can explore together. There is a whole wonderland of nature to discover, ranging from bush walking, following in the tracks of Captain Cook on un-inhabited Islands, to fossicking on beaches and drying reefs where the interaction of marine life encountered is a fascination for people of all ages. Snorkeling over colorful coral reefs together with hundreds of friendly fish is a most rewarding experience and whole families can learn from the huge reference library aboard featuring all the marine life of our eighth wonder of the world.

  5. luxury sailing Whitsundays There are, of course, times when parents just want to relax. The silica white sands of magnificent beaches provide an ideal opportunity while children happily amuse themselves spending hours building sandcastles or playing on the shoreline. Parents will, however, be aware that their children are their responsibility at all times, even though the wonder of the Whitsundays provides the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment. Our policy is that, when welcoming families aboard, the family must charter the whole yacht - it would be unfair to ask others to appreciate your loved ones (as you do). The charter rate is, therefore, the sum of the individual cabin prices, however there are significant discounts that recognize the family aspect of the holiday. Contact us for details.

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