how led solar lights can help in reducing n.
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Why LED Solar Lights? PowerPoint Presentation
Why LED Solar Lights?

Why LED Solar Lights?

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  1. How LED soLar Lights can Help in reducing tHe number of road accidents?

  2. ensure maximum safety of the citizens of the country by installing led solar lights due to the nature of work and our commitment towards it, we all need to travel during the late night hours to travel from place to another or from one city to another city as well as chooses to use highways, roads and many streets as well to reach to our destinations. Hence proper street or outdoor lights is required to ensure that the roads we choose to use during the nights don’t turn to be dark roads due with very low visibility which can increase the chances of mishappenings and accidents. many a times, we compromise with the inferior quality lights to reduce the electricity cost but those lights emit for just couple of hours only hence we can use LED solar Lights as the best way to increase the lightening without burning our pockets at all. these led soar lights don’t require any power or fuel to spread light rays in fact they transform the sun’ rays into light rays that can be used during the nights to make the place more visible and safe. advantages of using led solar lights on roads and highways are as follows: Lesser cases of accidents more number of road accidents takes place due to the nights only as the absence of street lights make the place darker along with making the visibility very poor, which can only be managed by installing proper lighting such as led solar lights at the outer places. also by installing these lights the collision between vehicles such as cars/trucks can be reduced by a significant way.

  3. Increase the traffic flow with the enhanced visibility we also need to reach to our destinations safely and timely which can be achieved only by installing the LED solar lights. Bu installing these lights at the outdoor places, we can ensure that that the traffic is running smoothly and hence all kind of traffic jams can be avoided which otherwise increases the waiting hours and travelling time as well. also the pedestrians walking on the local roads will be able to cross the roads in a safer and protective way. No manual work these led solar lights don’t require any personnel who have to turn the lights on and off as per the requirement in fact these lights work automatically and can turn on and off as per the surrounding light which reduce the cost of skilled personnel as well. the solar panel on the top of these led solar lights transforms the natural light during the daytime into electric energy which gets stored in the rechargeable battery. later during the late in evenings, the in-built light sensor automatically starts working and will off on its own on the change in weather. Better lighting results with very less energy consumption these led solar lights can manage to emit more lumens per watt than the Hid lights and along with more lumen consumption, these solar lights delivers throw the light directly on the ground rather than wasting it in any other light direction. with the sky touching electricity bills, there is no other option left than to start using these led solar lights that can be perfectly replaced with the inefficient and HID lamps that are just wasting your time and efforts. So let’s make sure that all the roads, highways among other outdoor places are equally safe during the nights as well by using these led solar lights over there.

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