what to buy kids at xmas when you re an expat n.
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What To Buy Kids at Xmas When You’re An Expat PowerPoint Presentation
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What To Buy Kids at Xmas When You’re An Expat

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What To Buy Kids at Xmas When You’re An Expat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What To Buy Kids at Xmas When You’re An Expat
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  1. What To Buy Kids at Xmas When You’re An Expat

  2. Wherever in the world we find ourselves this December, as Christmas draws near we think of those back home and how best to reach out and reconnect. For Bristish Expats, the intrigues and clichés of a new culture can make for some surprising and delightful Christmas gifts, but beyond the first few years overseas what to buy kids at Christmas becomes a daunting task. How old are they now? What are they in to? What’s cool back in the UK? Just some of the questions thrown up by the distance even a good ol’ Skype call can’t fix. Knowing what to buy for kids at Christmas when you don’t live in the same country as them can be a minefield! Add to that the hefty delivery costs for sending gifts from your own distant abode, the forward planning to ensure everything gets there on time, the assurance you’re sending a quality gift and the difficulty personalizing it, and we find ourselves in a downward Christmas shopping spiral! This is where What2Buy4Kids comes in! Our online store is a favorite among British Expats for its wide range of quality approved gifts and affordable delivery options.

  3. Based here in the UK, delivery costs are considerably less than when sending from overseas. We include a free gift card and wrap, no fuss returns and all our presents are tested by real life kids to make sure they hit the mark! Head to the home page of our site and you’ll see dozens of ingenious gift ideas. We stock a large range of high quality unique gifts, searchable by age and gender. There’s a dedicated page for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers – which start from just £1.25.

  4. If you’re keen to know what’s ‘in vogue’ back in the UK, our Best Sellers list will guide you in the right direction. It might be an idea to check in with relations back home to see if any of the brands listed on our site are favored by their kids. My personal favorites this year are the Lagoon Group‘s Roald Dahl puzzles and games  and if you want to guarantee a giggle try the animal poppers – “soft foam flying fun!” My kids laugh for hours over these toys. For more details, please visit : www.what2buy4kids.co.ukYou can follow us on Twitter @what2buy4kids and Facebook at facebook.com/What2Buy4Kids