10 trends transforming how we shop online in 2018 n.
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10 Trends Transforming How We Shop Online in 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Trends Transforming How We Shop Online in 2018

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10 Trends Transforming How We Shop Online in 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10 Trends Transforming How We Shop Online in 2018.

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10 Trends Transforming How We Shop Online in 2018

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10 trends transforming how we shop online in 2018

10 Trends Transforming How We Shop Online in 2018

The e-commerce industry has almost set its foot in the arena and is here to stay

for a long time. The year 2017 witnessed the apocalypse in the retail and online

shopping saw a booming growth in all corners of the world. The year 2018 also

looks promising with the beginning of the retail renaissance. Retailers have

evolved and aligned their businesses with the needs of their customers.

With the onset of 2018, customers have become more interested in online

shopping with new found confidence. They are not shy anymore to buy

expensive products and follow the latest trends which they see on the internet.

They buy all kinds of products even without trying them beforehand.

Here are some of the top 10 predictions in 2018 that may transform the way we

shop online –

1.Technical Transformation-

Technology has transformed drastically and has enabled the e-commerce

industry manifold. The success however lies in making small changes gradually

rather than taking a big leap. Companies that change step-by-step perform

better and evolve effectively than those who bring drastic changes haphazardly

in one go showing radical implementation.

2.Consumer Needs –

Companies must be vigilant about their customer’s need and understand their

expectations in detail to serve them better. To stay relevant in future, they have

to change themselves and upgrade them selves according to the trends in the


3.Using AI –

The usage and growth for Artificial Intelligence is abundant and never ending in

the online world. Chatbots, facial recognition technology, image recognition,

robotics and more have made it easy for retailers to understand their customers

and provide them relevant services and products. Significant amount of data is

available with the retailers to offer customized services to their clients which

enhances their shopping experience and give them a personal feel.

4.Digital Integration –

the boom in digital integration came in 2017

The boom in digital integration came in 2017 and there is more to come in 2018.

Online stores create their applications aligned with the latest trends and they

try to create a unique experience for their consumers who uses their

applications. The focus is on creating a convenient way to shop and

remembering the experience. The acceptance of omnichannel trade and digital-

savvy merchandising has further laid the stage for e-commerce success.

5.Use of What’s App –

Many companies have made substantial use of customer data and artificial

intelligence to their benefit in areas of marketing, audience segmentation,

customer care, and managing logistics. Learning from the past-experience,

companies have managed to be where their customers want them to be and

engage with them effectively by creating seamless shopping experience across

the store.

6.Internet of things –

Making use of the IoT to improve inventory visibility and get products into

customers’ hands more efficiently and quickly is the surest way to success in the

online world. 2018 will see the use of machine learning and AI by the companies

to improve their forecasting and get the right product to the right place at the

right time. These technologies will prove to be helpful in blocking and tackling

of retail business.

7.Mobiles –

The use of mobiles will become the mainstream source of shopping. All apps

offer discounts and sale options on the apps rather than in store. Mobile

shopping will be the trend in 2018 and will rule the market for a long time. With

the market full of smartphones and companies investing in creating mobile-

friendly applications, this trend is here to stay. Facial recognition is another

game changer with the new iPhone X in the market. The consumer must simply

look at his phone make a purchase. Voice commerce is around the corner to

revolutionize the online shopping experience with Siri, Alexa and Google Now

using verbal commands to purchase goods.

8.Social Shopping –

This trend is turning the tables fast and consumer are ready for this. With in-app

purchasing on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest evolving rapidly with every

passing day social media users finally

passing day, social media users finally get a platform to pick up their goods

without leaving the virtual neighbourhood.

9.Photo Shopping –

Mobile devices have configured image analysis automation, and this will be

another major add-on for the online retailers. Consumers will be able to take a

picture of an object and search for that exact product or a similar one while

shopping online.

Merchants who integrate this capability into their digital strategy will reap its

benefits largely. Their ROI will go through a leap through their product

information management investment. Secondly, they will be able to tap new

markets with better quality and multiplicity of the images they provide for their


10.Browser Dependency –

Online shopping in 2018 will no longer depend on browser compatibility. With

mobile apps, AR interfaces, voice recognition, the browser will soon begin to

wane. It will no longer be the only means to shop online and create its

dependency. Though it will be there for those who want to use, buyers will have

other means to complete their transactions. 2018 will witness fluid, user-centric,

and browser less purchasing experience by its consumers.

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