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MOOCs – What Are They? PowerPoint Presentation
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MOOCs – What Are They?

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MOOCs – What Are They? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MOOCs – What Are They?

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  1. MOOCs – What Are They? MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) are online programs that are made available to everyone. A typical course has several thousand students joining simultaneously. You can learn any subject or do any course through MOOCs. From comic books to theories of justice to creative programming, there’s a course for everything! Many reputed universities around the world are now offering MOOCs. Open Studies MOOCs give students the option of studying a topic from any location. They also let students learn at their own pace. Their flexibility is what makes them so popular. Flexible assessment Usually, MOOCs have no end-of-course assessment. Instead, there will be weekly online quizzes, forum discussions or peer-assessed assignments. All class lectures are recorded on video, and study materials are uploaded online instead of face to face seminars. Low costs Unlike traditional colleges, MOOCs are either free or relatively inexpensive. Some may have a small registration fee.Corporate companies often require employees to take these courses for certifications. This is one of the reasons students hire tutors like us to complete their class; they are taking it only because they have to. Global community Though you may be studying from a remote location, you are not alone. There are students from all over the globe participating in the same class. That’s really cool. If you think colleges are diverse, try online colleges! Online classes are a great way to get an education without having to travel.Before enrolling in one, definitely check out the reputation of the school, if it’s accreddited, and if it has helpful professors. The last thing you want is a school where you can’t get any help. Then again, if that happens, you can always come to us and ask us: Can you take my online class for me? We can and we will! Author Bio: He helps students struggling with online classes, offering to do their assignments, tests, and discussion boards who asks, ‘can you take my online class for me’.