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Mold Remediation - Water Air Mold PowerPoint Presentation
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Mold Remediation - Water Air Mold

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Mold Remediation - Water Air Mold - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about ' Mold Remediation - Water Air Mold' - WaterAirMold

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Water damage and mold remediation

Advantaclean of Greater Dallas is focused on making the entire process as painless as possible. AdvantaClean started in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew hit south Florida. It has since grown to over 100 franchises across the nation and has a home office with a great culture focused on support. They have tackled jobs of all sizes and complexities and are recognized leaders in the light environmental field.


Mold Making My Child Sick

David & Marie are a young couple who bought a beautiful home in Dallas. They were doing alot of work remodeling the house and it was looking fantastic! However, their 3 year old daughter was suffering with a constant runny nose. After 6 months of trying to figure out what was going on they discovered they had a mold issue in their home.


Air Ducts Cleaned

The air in your home circulates through your home’s duct work many times a day. Our vents and returns are something we rarely notice. A quick way to check out the health of your system is to look up. Do you see dust or dirt around the vents? Do you dust and then notice another layer of dust just a few days later


How Does Mold Impact Health

Mold spores are all around us in the air we breath, and normally our bodies handle it just fine. However, when the amount of mold spores inside are greater than the amount outside it can start to negatively impact the health and productivity of the people living in the home and/or working in the building.


Contact no



1293 N Plano Rd

Richardson, TX 75081