watch repair service we care for your eternal n.
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Watch Repair Service – We Care for Your Eternal Timepiece!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Watch Repair Service – We Care for Your Eternal Timepiece!!

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Watch Repair Service – We Care for Your Eternal Timepiece!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are the one striving to bring your watch to the beauty and accuracy with which it was born, then I am sure this guide will be worth reading. For more details, visit this website:

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watch repair service we care for your eternal

Watch Repair Service –

We Care for Your Eternal Timepiece!!



No matter how pricey or not-so-pricey it is, every watch deserves some respect. That means doing your best to keep it from damaging and knowing what to do if and when it gets damage. Today, I am going to discuss a topic I know a lot of people are talking in the Facebook group and a lot of people are also spreading misinformation either knowingly or they just got misinformed and the topic is ‘watch repair service.’

be spoke service at jj watch repair

Be spoke Service at JJ Watch Repair

  • We clean the movements manually, ultrasonically and mechanically.
  • We inspect the bracelet by checking the pins and replacing or tightening screws.
  • We replace or rebuild defective or worn movement parts, crowns, crystals and gaskets.
professional watch movement repair and restoration

Professional Watch Movement Repair and Restoration

We offer a full range professional repair services for mechanical and quartz watch movements, modern, vintage and antique, medium to high grade. We carry a huge stock of thousands of watch parts and custom manufacture unobtainable and out dated parts. All watch movements are mechanically, ultrasonically and manually cleaned.

antique watch repair and restoration

Antique Watch Repair and Restoration

At JJ Watch Repair, we have been repairing high grade and antique watches for years. Our skilled watchmakers are experts at caring for these timeless and special watches collection. Antique watches are some of the most beloved timepieces out there, and typically are also the ones in need of utmost care.

contact us


J&J Watch Repair Inc.

900 Walt Whitman Road, Suite L L 14 Melville, New York, 11747, USA

Phone: 1-800-532-2111

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