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Learn about technical seo PowerPoint Presentation
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Learn about technical seo

Learn about technical seo

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Learn about technical seo

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  1. Search engines prefer technical SEO as much as content. It is all about the architecture of the website and how easily search engines understand your pages. Technical SEO is important and every optimizer understands the need for it. If you want to rank good on the search engine result page, come up with the new ideas for technical Technologies has been in the industry for many years. They know which strategy proves to be the best for your optimization. SEO. Vxplore

  2. Technical architecture only. It defines how each web page is set up. If you want to be preferred by search engines, here are the things that you can maintain. Google considers codes as much as the content. So prepare your code in a search-engine-friendly way. SEO looks after the site’s

  3. If you are looking for ways to make your technical SEO correct, here is a brief guide for you. We know that you are busy building your business and we have the best solution for Technologies is an expert name in the field and we can help you correct your technical SEO. We are offering services to people so that they can get the highest return from the investment. you. Vxplore search engine

  4. Here are some factors that you consider: • A preferred domain • Robots.txt • Optimize your URL structure • Navigation and website structure • Add breadcrumb • Add a canonical tag

  5. A preferred domain: There are two domains by which your website can be accessed. One is with www and the other one is without www. You can opt for any option but you have to clear the confusion; otherwise, engines confused and your website may suffer from the duplicate content. You have to define the canonical URLs for your websites. you make search

  6. Robots.txt: Robots.txt is a text file in the root directory of your website. It offers instruction to search engines for crawling your web pages. The format is very simple and you no need to change the format. You need to check where there is any false blocking that blocks the indexing.

  7. Optimize your URL structure: You need to design your website URL properly. Do not use any unnecessary words and structures. Make them short and descriptive. Use always lowercase characters. There are other ways to make your URL search engine friendly.

  8. Navigation and website structure: If your website is well-structured, then your users love to stay on the website and navigate web pages. This user behavior is appreciated by search engines and your web pages have a higher chance to get indexed under a certain search. Don’t conversions. Think about these factors also. optimize your website for good reasons. just optimize your website for

  9. Add breadcrumb: It includes a set of links at the top or bottom of a web page defining clearly the categories and subcategories and they also allow the users to visit the previous pages quickly. It is mentioned as an SEO element.

  10. Add a canonical tag: In the <head> of your posts or page, you need to add a tag – tag <link rel=”canonical” href=”yourpageurl”>. It tells the search engine which URL search engines must use for indexing.

  11. There are many things about technical SEO and we are helping you to fix them easily. Contact Vxplore technologies and correct your search engine perspectives. Our experts are always there to help you. No matter you are having a small or a large business, Vxplore Technologies will always help you.


  13. Nishchinda, Sapuipara, Howrah, West Bengal 711227. Call : 033-26462680 21 Rue Saint Medard, Paris 75005 France Call : +33 789848139