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Hire Dedicated Content Writer in India than a Freelancer

India offers cost-effective remote quality content writers with access to better communication and security technology. They work exclusively for you and are more dependable than a freelancer.

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Hire Dedicated Content Writer in India than a Freelancer

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  1. Why You Should Hire a Dedicated Content Writer in India than a Freelancer? www.virtualemployee.com

  2. Indian Content Writer vs. Freelancer Outsourcing content work to a remote dedicated Indian content writer has many advantages over a freelancer. Here are the reasons.  Superior quality  Easier screening process  Helps to maintain your editorial calendar  Customized writing solutions  Data Security  Smooth and fast communication  Better control www.virtualemployee.com 2

  3. Superior quality  A good content writer knows better the requirements of a brand  They are aware of the best writing standards and practices that helps to maintain consistency in brand communication  Since, a remote content resources are hired after strict screening test  You get the services of the best resource that works exclusively for you  On the other hand, freelance content writers have paucity of time because of their multiple commitments  So, they cannot pay sufficient time and energy on your project www.virtualemployee.com 3

  4. Easier Screening Process  Recruitment of a remote content writer is just a call/click away  You just have to share your requirements to a vendor  However, you will have to search various job portals to hire a freelancer  To scale up the team, you will have to repeat the process Step:1 Step:1 Step:2 Step:3 www.virtualemployee.com 4

  5. Help to Maintain Your Editorial Calendar Meeting an editorial calendar can be challenging with a freelancer  It is because they might be busy with other client’s assignment  On the other hand, a dedicated content writer is always available during the office hours www.virtualemployee.com 5

  6. Offer Customized Writing Solutions  A dedicated content writer offers customized solutions for your different content writing requirements  Dedicated content resources better understand your content requirement as they exclusively work for you  A freelancer does not have sufficient time to understand your requirements  So, he or she cannot offer solutions tailored to your needs www.virtualemployee.com 6

  7. Better Data Security  Data security is a key concern for most companies looking to outsource their work  A remote vendor follows strict data security protocols  They conduct regular security audit to plug possible security loopholes  Your remote employee remains in strict monitoring during office hours  The risk of data theft or data leakage is more with a freelancer  Since, they don’t have access to the best data security technology www.virtualemployee.com www.virtualemployee.com 7

  8. Smooth and Fast Communication  A freelancer does not have access to the best communication technology  They are mostly available on mail and mobile  However, a remote content writer is always accessible through video conferencing, Skype, PC sharing and other high-end technology  Thus, you can collaborate with a resource in a fast and smooth manner  This gives you a better project control www.virtualemployee.com 8

  9. Call to Action Handpick Your Dedicated Resource Now. To get more details visit: www.virtualemployee.com Address: 501 Silverside Rd, Suite 105 Wilmington, DE 19809 United States www.virtualemployee.com 9

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