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Iphone Flashlight Evolution

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Iphone Flashlight Evolution

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Presentation Transcript

  1. I remember when a flashlight was just simply that.

  2. However, as technology advances everyday new and improved ways of flashlights are being made.

  3. The most common flashlight that people possess isn’t necessarily a flashlight, but a flashlight enabled smart phone.

  4. However, there can be issues with technology especially when it comes to the Iphone.

  5. With that said I would like to help consumers know just how to access that very important function of your Iphone.

  6. Remember when the App Store used to be filled with flashlight apps? Flashlight apps were easy for amateur software developers to make because they only did one thing turning on the LED that your iPhone uses as a flash when you take a picture.

  7. Flashlight apps were buggy because they weren’t programmed by professionals.

  8. They were filled with ads and usually designed to make the developer a quick buck.

  9. Apple realized the flashlight needed to be easy to access at any time, so they added it to your iPhone’s Control Center.

  10. A few years ago, Apple decided enough was enough.

  11. They pulled every flashlight app from the App Store and built a flashlight directly into iOS, the iPhone’s operating system.

  12. (Since then, they’ve allowed apps with extra features back into the App Store).

  13. When you tap the power button to put your iPhone to sleep, the flashlight turns off, right? Wrong.

  14. People walk around with illuminated pockets because they don’t know they have to go back to the Control Center and turn off their flashlight after they finish using it.

  15. The iPhone’s flashlight only turns itself off when you power off your iPhone or it runs out of battery.

  16. Control Center is designed to give you easy access to important features of your iPhone.

  17. You can open the Control Center from any screen as long as your iPhone is awake – you don’t even need to enter your pass code.

  18. To open Control Center, use your finger to swipe up from the very bottom of the screen.

  19. A box with several icons and sliders will appear.

  20. Take a look in the bottom left hand corner of Control Center and you’ll see a small flashlight icon.

  21. Tap the flashlight icon to turn your flashlight on or off.

  22. Whether it’s a real emergency or the restaurant’s too dark to read the menu, the flashlight on your iPhone can be a life-saver.

  23. In this article, you learned how to turn your iPhone’s flashlight on or off using the Control Center.

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