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How Turn Your Flashlight Into A Bicycle Light

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How Turn Your Flashlight Into A Bicycle Light

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  1. How Turn Your Flashlight Into A Bicycle Light

  2. I have been riding my bike for exercise for over thirty years.

  3. Since I live in Texas, during the hotter months of the year I sometimes ride after sunset because it is cooler.

  4. For my personal safety I make sure to have a bicycle light on my bicycle.

  5. Rather than purchase a bicycle headlight at the bike store that permanently mounts onto my bike, I have simply used a flashlight that I have at home and have attached it to my bicycle handlebars.

  6. Doing this is very easy to do.

  7. This process is as simple as can be and only takes literally a few seconds to do each time you want to go riding at night.

  8. Besides having a bicycle with handlebars, and I have never seen one without them, there are only three other things that you will need to install this bicycle light.

  9. Three Steps To Turning Your Flashlight Into A Bicycle Light

  10. First, you will need a bright flashlight.

  11. Since I sell the Viisliam Deluxe 4-In-1 LED Flashlight on Amazon, using this flashlight is a no brainer for me.

  12. It is made of anodized military grade metal and is therefore, sturdy, lightweight and water resistant.

  13. Being nine inches long and one and a quarter inches wide makes it a good size for this purpose.

  14. If I have a flat while riding at night the work light function provides all the light I need to be able to see exactly what I am doing as I change the tube inside the tire.

  15. And if the need arises, the emergency flashing strobe light could be used to alert others to my location as needed.

  16. It is really the perfect multipurpose flashlight for me to have with me when I am riding my bicycle at night.

  17. The second thing that you will need is a small length of old rubber bicycle tube.

  18. A two inch length will do just fine.

  19. You simply take this bit of rubber tube and place it on the handlebars of your bicycle and then place the flashlight on top of it.

  20. Doing this allows the rubber piece to act as a buffer and prevent potential scratches occurring on either the handlebars or the flashlight.

  21. The rubber piece also helps to keep the flashlight from sliding out of position as you ride your bike.

  22. And the third thing that you will need is a strong rubber band or rubber wristband.

  23. Once the flashlight is in position with the rubber piece on top of the handlebars and the flashlight on top of the rubber piece, you simply put one end of the rubber band or wristband around on end of the flashlight and then stretch it so that it can go around the other end of the flashlight so that it is held tightly in place.

  24. Flashlight To Bicycle Light Is Simply 1, 2, 3!

  25. You see, turning your flashlight into a bicycle light is as easy and one, two, three!

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