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Good Thing We Had A Flashlight

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Good Thing We Had A Flashlight

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  1. Good Thing We Had A Flashlight

  2. The other night I was helping my brother change the brakes and rotors on my sisters Mazda sedan.

  3. Everything was going smoothly until we realized we needed a special tool to push the piston back into the caliper in order to place the new brake pads in.

  4. Apparently on most new cars in the rear caliper piston needs to be twisted and pressed back in.

  5. There are two holes on the top of the piston that help you spin it has it is pressed in.

  6. Which means sometimes you can get away with using a pair of needle nose pliers to place into the holes and spin.

  7. We tried using the pliers for about 20 minutes, but we’re getting known where.

  8. The piston was just spinning and not retracting back in.

  9. At this point we decided to just go buy the specialty tool at AutoZone.

  10. By the time we get back to finish the first tire, we started it was getting dark.

  11. We need to get some light out there so we could finish.

  12. We managed to find a flashlight that also doubles as a work light.

  13. It was bright enough to light up the wheel well, but it was becoming very awkward to hold up and work on the brakes at the same time.

  14. Then my brother who was holding the flashlight realized something the bottom of the light stuck to the side of the car.

  15. The flashlight had a magnetic base.

  16. Sticking the flashlight to the side of the car with the light facing downward was fantastic.

  17. It was the perfect angle to sit there and work on the brakes.

  18. Magnetic Base on a Flashlight

  19. Some flashlights today come with a magnetic base.

  20. The magnetic base is a very useful feature for just about anything.

  21. It can hold loose nuts and bolts to being able to help change the brakes on your car at night.

  22. A magnetic base on a flashlight is more useful than you might think.

  23. A Flashlight With Different Modes

  24. The flashlight we used to work on the car was able to change from a flashlight into a work light that gave off a much brighter light.

  25. I think all flashlights should be able to change into different modes.

  26. It makes a normal flashlight so much more useful and versatile.

  27. You Never Know When You Will Need A Flashlight

  28. A flashlight is a very handy tool especially when it gets dark outside.

  29. If you ever lose power in your home or if your car breaks down on the side of the road at night, having a flashlight will be a small investment that you were glad you made.

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