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Terrell Samuels: Multifaceted Entrepreneur PowerPoint Presentation
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Terrell Samuels: Multifaceted Entrepreneur

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Terrell Samuels: Multifaceted Entrepreneur - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Terrell Samuels is a long-time and valued member of the Los Angeles business community. He has capitalized on extensive expertise and experience in the fields of both finance and marketing to launch several successful companies, including ATG Mortgage, Inc., The Marketing Doctor, LLC, HUZO, a social media and music platform, and H.O.M.E., a successful Beverly Hills restaurant. Terrell Samuels is a successful entrepreneur and business professional.

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Terrell Samuels: Multifaceted Entrepreneur

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Terrell Samuels: Multifaceted Entrepreneur

Terrell Samuels is a multifaceted entrepreneur, having achieved success both as a restaurant owner, or H.O.M.E., and as the co-founder and former CEO of a media-sharing, social networking site named HUZO. Terrell Samuels is a savvy and successful business professional who understands how to take advantage of a potentially profitable opportunity and to transform a company into a resounding success.


Terrell Samuels: Skilled Business Professional

Terrell Samuels has been responsible for multiple successful business ventures during his professional entrepreneurial career, including the launch and operation of a successful Beverly Hills restaurant, an online music social platform and a residential and commercial mortgage company. It seems t5hat no matter which industry Terrell Samuels is involved in, he is capable of transforming a company into a significant success.


Terrell Samuels: Former President of Huzo, Inc.

Terrell Samuels has been responsible for several successful ventures during his career as an entrepreneur, including the launch and operation of Huzo, Inc. Terrell Samuels launched the online music and social media platform in 2008, and provided expert business leadership and guidance to the company until 2012. HUZO continues to operate successfully, thanks in large part to Samuels’ extraordinary vision.


Terrell Samuels: H.O.M.E. Co-Owner

Terrell Samuels is well-known throughout the Los Angeles business community as the co-owner of H.O.M.E., a music and dining restaurant located in the community of Beverly Hills. As the co-owner of H.O.M.E., Terrell Samuels is involved in nearly every aspect of the restaurant’s operation, and continues to transform his establishment into one of the premiere hotpots to dine and relax in the Beverly Hills community.