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Teresa susmaras devotes life to mental health of others

Research focusing on the connection between personality and antisocial behavior dominated Teresa Susmaras’ doctoral studies at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. Susmaras’ academic curiosity centered on the relationship between aggressive actions and impulsive decisions.

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Teresa susmaras devotes life to mental health of others

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  1. Title: Teresa Susmaras Devotes Life to Mental Health of Others Teresa Susmaras grew up in a small town in Illinois, where wholesome family values led to a happy childhood. Numerous trips to Chicago’s world-famous Brookville Zoo were always memorable for Susmaras, where her family could enjoy the bucolic 216 acres and view over 400 different species of animals. Brookville Zoo is known worldwide as an innovator in the development of Zoology. Teresa Susmaras secondary education was a happy experience, as the young student engaged in various extracurricular activities, including volleyball, basketball and track to give vent to her athletic side. Susmaras particularly enjoyed a uniquely American activity called the pom squad. Pom squads are dance drill teams popular in many high schools, a semi-cheerleader activity where members of the dance squad perform at pre and halftime game shows for school events like football and basketball games. Styles of dance are exhibited for sports fans. Although Susmaras recalls the pom squad affectionately, her real love and pastime was reading. Books became a window to worlds far beyond her high school years. Graduation from high school saw Teresa Susmaras enroll at Illinois State University, beginning her post-secondary education. Susmaras went on to attend the University of Illinois Chicago, supplementing her Bachelor’s degree with a Master’s. Susmaras’ pursuit of clinical hours in the mental health field led to a stint as a volunteer counselor, where exposure to antisocial personality behaviors caught her interest and academic orientation. This time in her life helped solidify a deepening intellectual investment in the mental health field. Teresa Susmaras finally left her home state when she enrolled for graduate study at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, working in the Brain Imaging Analysis Laboratory. There Susmaras pursued a doctoral dissertation thesis researching aggressive and impulsive behavior origins. completing her doctoral work at Suffolk University in Boston. She returned to her family home after Returning to Illinois to complete her training, Susmaras took a residency spot on the staff of Rush University Medical Hospital while she completed a fellowship at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, both in downtown Chicago. With this extensive training behind her, Susmaras took a position in at a prestigious healthcare group out-of-state, where she joins the Inpatient Behavior Health Center staff. As a practicing neuropsychologist Dr. Susmaras will continue a dedication to the study, diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health issues. In this way, Teresa Susmaras continues her life journey in the service of others, ministering to patients as a Clinical Neuropsychologist.

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