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Lisandra Delgado Alicea – Life-long musician PowerPoint Presentation
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Lisandra Delgado Alicea – Life-long musician

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Lisandra Delgado Alicea – Life-long musician - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lisandra Delgado Alicea – Life-long musician

Lisandra Delgado Alicea started out as a young musician in Colorado twenty two years ago when her first guitar came in a Christmas present. Since then, she has worked her way up and played amongst the stars. Sitting in with major bands, she has garnered acclaim for her work on late night television and shows across the country. It certainly looks like Alicea may be the next big star that emerges in the world of music.


Strum along with Lisandra Delgado Alicea

Colorado’s Lisandra Delgado Alicea is an emerging guitarist on the national scene. Her background around the local music scene casts the backdrop for her contemporary guitar skill set. Alicea has only recently started touring around the country, filling in with a number of national bands and has already started turning heads with an impressive stage presence and musical skill. Alicea is planning her first recorded music efforts aimed for early next year.


Lisandra Delgado Alicea plays for keeps

Music has been Lisandra Delgado Alicea’s dream since she was just a little girl. Twenty two years in the making, she is a star that is about to emerge on the national scene. A young virtuoso, she has emerged beyond her home state of Colorado and its rich local music scene, on to appearances with national bands, commercials, and overseas.


Lisandra Delgado Alicea: Music dreams

Lisandra Delgado Alicea is on a music journey to the top. It’s been her ambition since the time some twenty two years ago when she picked up her first guitar. A product of the state and University of Colorado, she has worked her way through the ranks and now has her own large following that is coming up on the national music scene.