Jarret reid origins
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Jarret Reid came from humble beginnings, but his talent and passion for hockey would soon skyrocket him to fame, and he would find himself being in the fifth round draft of the NHL, where he would be picked up by the Hartford Whalers in 1992. From there Jarret would spend two years playing in the American Hockey League, and eight more continuous years in Italy, France, and Germany.

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Jarret reid origins

Jarret Reid - Origins

Jarret Reid was born on March 10th 1973, since then, he has developed a love for both hockey and community that have molded and shaped not only his life, but the lives of those around him. As a wave hockey instructor, Jarret now hones and develops the skills of his students with his extensive experience in the field and of course, on the ice. Jarret's natural affinities for hockey are largely attributed to him growing up in Ontario Canada, where the sport and all it's participants are held in the highest regard. It was here that Jarret would develop his interest in hockey and discover his talents that came with it.

Jarret reid scholastic player
Jarret Reid - Scholastic Player

Jarret Reid knows that providing a good example for those that will proceed him is as important to hockey as the game itself. Jarret's success during his hockey career was not limited to on the ice. Jarret gave his all in each faucet of his life, including academics. That is why Jarret was awarded the Scholastic Player of the Year Award, an award given annually to the player who is best able to combine success on the ice with success in school.

Jarret reid coach
Jarret Reid - Coach

Jarret Reid developed his love of the game of hockey growing up in Burlington Ontario. So it seems only fitting that Jarret would then become a hockey coach there, helping kids foster and nurture their talents. Jarret utilizes his 15 plus years of experience on the ice, as well as his natural born talent to help teach Wave Hockey to all of those interested in learning. Jarret says that though he is the coach, he has learned just as much, if not more from his students than they have from him.

Jarret reid the memorial cup
Jarret Reid - The Memorial Cup

In 1993, Jarret Reid helped lead his team to victory in the fight for the Memorial Cup by defeating the Peterborough Petes 4-2. Winning the prestigious Memorial Cup was one of the highlights of Jarret's impressive career. The cup was just one of the many accolades Jarret has obtained over the years, but he remembers each individual struggle with a fond smile on his face. Jarret says the key to winning has and always will be sportsmanship and teamwork.

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