for jane turbes success is sweet n.
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For Jane Turbes, Success is Sweet PowerPoint Presentation
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For Jane Turbes, Success is Sweet

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For Jane Turbes, Success is Sweet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As an underwriter, Jane Turbes is responsible for a multitude of responsibilities. She has to understand investor guidelines well in order to guide clients through the mortgage application process. She is responsible for verifying client information and income, two crucial aspects that play a huge role in the overall process. Where further information is missing, it is upon her to liaise with clients to obtain it.

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For Jane Turbes, Success is Sweet

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for jane turbes success is sweet

For Jane Turbes, Success is Sweet

Jane Turbes is no different. As a young girl, she knew hard work and the determination to overcome challenges would have to be the driving forces to achieving success. She has been diabetic since she was 10, and as the youngest of eight children, she learned early in life that it would take extra effort on her part to succeed. That she did, and it’s been nearly 20 years since she left college to embark on her career in the finance sector.

from farm girl to finance professional
From Farm Girl to Finance Professional

Growing up on a farm in southern Minnesota as the youngest of eight children, Jane Turbes developed a strong work ethic from an early age. Her parents passed away while she was still young, and she has had diabetes since she was ten years old. It wasn't easy, but these experiences would set the foundation of hard work and determination that Jane would require to become a financial genius she is today.

excelling in the financial sector
Excelling in the Financial Sector

Jane Turbes started her career as a loan officer for two small financial institutions based in Minnesota. She worked 70 hours a week to make ends meet, and put her intelligence and business smarts to good use in her early career years. Her effort paid off, and she soon would become senior credit analyst at Alliance Bank in St. Paul, MN.

jane turbes outdoors enthusiast
Jane Turbes: Outdoors Enthusiast

Jane Turbes is passionate about outdoor activity, and is a big fan of both professional football and baseball. She enjoys bicycling, hiking and exercising outside. Jane Turbes believes that outdoor activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and spends a good deal of her spare time enjoying the fresh air and opportunity that the outdoors provides.