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  1. Exactly what is ConnectAudience? A powerful platform lets you run email retargeting promotions on Facebook. Want to retarget those who opened up your email but don't click on a website link? Easy. The ones that didn't open your email yet? No problem. This kind of is possible because ConnectAudience syncs your subscriber prospect lists directly into a Fb Custom Audience inside your Ads account. When available rates drop, so do sales - it's simple math. So my coworker Wilco de Kreij made a decision to do something about this. Wilco is a highly successful full-time internet marketer specializing in optimizing and increasing conversions over doze years now. His award winning optimization software has highlighted on Mashable, The Following Web, and many other authority sites online. He is just created a 3-part video series for you showing how to incorporate e-mail marketing with retargeting for an enormous boost in conversions. You will find: Why big brands like Coca Coca-cola rely on more than one marketing channel (and why you should too). Click ConnectAudience A case study where Wilco earned an incredible 21, 114% (no, which not a typo! ) return on investment by combining e-mail marketing with retargeting How combining email with retargeting is one of the cheapest means of running FB ads. That is 100% free to watch. Just great info on the way to get better email conversions from a worldclass marketer.

  2. In the next video in the series, Wilco is going to show you a second example so you can see how effective an email/retargeting combo is... put together to be amazed! And that's not all - he'll show you the EXACT kind of advertising you should run, and who you should be running it to increase your email conversions. See more ConnectAudience