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Mobile Messaging Platform- A New Social Connection Network? PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Messaging Platform- A New Social Connection Network?

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Mobile Messaging Platform- A New Social Connection Network? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Messaging Platform- A New Social Connection Network?

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  1. Mobile Messaging Platform: A New Social Connection Network? We are living in the mobile world! Smartphones have replaced almost every other device. Instant messaging is one aspect that is liked not only by users but also businesses. Companies are taking advantage of this platform to reach out to people in an efficient way. What’s more is being done with this new social connection network, let's know here! Spotting the Light! Customers in today’s world are on the move with technology, and they are using mobile application platforms to get through all aspects. Whether users are using mobile phones, tablets or

  2. any other handheld devices, they have all the information they need. That is why mobile messaging platform, whether it is digital or basic messaging is important in today’s market. The advantageous point is that the mobile messages allow you to have all information at your fingertips. Get Going With Marketing Message development and event-driven marketing platform are playing a critical role in marketing and making a new social connection. The stuff: research, analysis, and message development are the elements that build an effective marketing plan. Event driven mail campaigns are composed and sent automatically, precisely at the right time of marketing plan. The method of communicating your value proposition plays a vital role in how your business is perceived in the market. The data ignites the campaign of a company by keeping the hold of event- driven marketing platform. Astonishing Facts to Know 1. Mobile apps connected to messaging services are taking over the markets globally today. 2. No matter what your business is, a mobile can help you get new and retain old customers. We all know that today, the first thing that consumer do is perform an online search for the desired product or service and then try to find the shops.

  3. 3. So, if your business is available online, and plus you have messaging services then you can better connect with the users, which will help you make an excellent impression. Creates Effective Marketing Messages When framing the messaging ensure it keeps the customer in focus, as it changes the entire approach to your plan. Do not end with the message with your business tagline. This drives the whole customer experience from your website to email marketing to your content and your print ads. How can you get someone lined up to your business or brand? Don’t tell them what you are going to sell them; help them understand how their lives will change for the better when they become a customer of your brand. A few examples: • Remember everything, find things fast, access everywhere, capture anything—these are the messages which are delivered by the brands to the customers. • Indigo flights grab the customers by spreading the word to fly at lowest cost—Go Indigo. • Ford Motor Company used mobile marketing efficiently and registered a conversion rate of about 15.4%. The mobile campaign was developed to increase qualified leads for the new Taurus and Escape models where the customers had to text

  4. “FORD” to 63611 to receive more information about each of the models. • Avenue stores also turned to the mobile marketing campaign, which helped them, generate a 6,600% ROI. MMS coupons and promotional content were sent to customers every week that helped them gain profits. Contact Us Address: 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Suite 230, Suite 230 Phone: 650-383-5486 Email: Website: