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Creating a Corporate Blog That Attracts Visitors PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a Corporate Blog That Attracts Visitors

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Creating a Corporate Blog That Attracts Visitors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating a Corporate Blog That Attracts Visitors

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Creating a Corporate Blog That Attracts Visitors

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A bad blog is worse than no blog…

A dead blog is worse than no blog…

But an engaging blog is one of the best things in the world that you can do for your business.

~Jeremy Wright

is your company ready for a blog
Is Your Company Ready for a Blog?
  • Investment of time and money
    • Custom design
    • Generating ideas for content
    • Writing and managing content
    • Commenting on other blogs
    • Moderation
  • What makes sense to do yourself?
  • What makes sense to outsource?
why a corporate blog
Why a Corporate Blog?
  • The original social media
  • 24% of our page views come from our blog posts (~2,000 per month)
  • We make 2 new posts per week
  • Gives us a vehicle to post new link worthy content
  • Keeps the search engines coming back
blog setup and branding
Blog Setup and Branding
  • On your current URL
  • Self-hosted
  • Matches current website design – seamless transition
  • Blogging software choices
    • Lots of open source choices,
    • Depends on current website, your programming ability and the programming language – PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails
self hosted blogging platforms
Self-hosted Blogging Platforms
  • WordPress -
    • Large user base and support community
    • Lots of plugins that extend functionality
    • SEO friendly
  • TypePad -
  • B2evolution -
  • Joomla -
  • MovableType -
  • Typo -
writing posts for your blog
Writing Posts for Your Blog
  • Who will post?
    • Single voice versus multiple bloggers
    • If it’s a large business with multiple areas, think experts
    • CEO, owner?
  • How often will they post?
    • Dell posts 2x a day
    • We post 2x/week
    • What’s doable for you and your business? Whatever you choose, make it consistent
  • What will they post
    • Relevant, but non-promotional
    • News, don’t just report it, make it
    • Link out – share the love and talk about other things
posts continued
Posts (continued)
  • What not to post
    • Only self promotional items
    • White papers
    • Press releases
    • Too much personal information
    • Don’t keyword cannibalize
      • Keep commercial keywords on your website
      • Target non-commercial keywords and phrases
      • Link to your commercial pages from your blog
  • Will you edit?
  • If yes, who will edit?
  • Who will publish?
    • Keep in mind training time here for special formatting, keywords, SEO etc.
ideas for content
Ideas for Content
  • Upcoming events, webinars, seminars
  • Product or service releases
  • Industry news
  • Other related products, services, and businesses in your industry
  • Studies you produce, insights you have, educational information
  • Lists
participating in the blogosphere
Participating in the Blogosphere
  • Keep an ear on the conversation
    • Google Alerts –
    • Technorati -
    • BackType -
  • Comment on relevant articles
    • Use your name or business name
    • Get a gravatar -
    • Don’t self-promote, just comment
comment and moderation policy
Comment and Moderation Policy
  • Develop a comment and moderation policy early on, before you have issues
  • Allow both positive and negative comments?
  • Most corporate blogs don’t tolerate SPAM or offensive language
  • Other considerations –
    • Follow, nofollow comments
    • Hold for moderation before publishing
    • Use SPAM filter like Akismet
why social media
Why Social Media?
  • 12% of our visitors come from social sites (~500 per month and growing)
  • More than double what we get from PPC
  • Helps with organic rankings & branding
  • Keeps the search engines coming back
social media distribution
Social Media Distribution
  • Twitter Tools for WordPress-
  • HootSuite RSS/Atom Feed Tool
  • FaceBook Social RSS App -
  • YouTube for videos with embed on blog
  • DIGG, SPHINN, REDDIT – don’t submit yourself
  • Other social media sites…
how blogs build links and rankings
How Blogs Build Links and Rankings
  • Comments you leave on other blogs create a link back to your blog
  • Linking to other blogs often leaves a trackback on that page
  • Each trackback on a page of your blog is someone linking to your blog.
  • People naturally link to content that provides value
  • Each comment left on your blog is an indication to search engines how hot and important a page is
  • Opportunity for long tail rankings
measuring success
Measuring Success
  • ROI - hard to measure
  • Measure success by
    • # visitors
    • # page views
    • # of inbound links created -
    • # of comments
    • # RSS subscribers
    • # of RFIs coming off blog pages
corporate blogging blunders
Corporate Blogging Blunders
  • Not enough content, inconsistent content, impersonal content, content that’s too lengthy or technical
  • Not reaching out to other bloggers, participating in the blogosphere
  • No follow-up to comments/questions on the blog
  • Cannibalization of keywords
  • Lack of internal linking
  • Blog is on separate URL or doesn’t match design
  • No distribution through social media
examples of corporate blogs done well
Examples of Corporate Blogs Done Well
  • Google -
  • Dell-
  • Marriott -
  • Southwest Airlines -
thank you
Thank You!

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