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Call 1-844-305-0086 for Google Chromecast help and Support

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Call 1-844-305-0086 for Google Chromecast help and Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chromecast is not going to work with the VPN by default if you are streaming content from a gadget, which has enabled VPN services. It requires a medium of communication to be setup in between both the device before using it on same network.

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We know that if your Chromecast is not connected to the remote device like tablet or smartphone properly, then you will not able to control and select the contents from the internet for casting it on big screen. Chromecast setupis necessary on a device. When your handheld device is connected to VPN on one network and the Chromecast device is connected to the VPN on other network, then you will not able to communicate between the devices.

Even if you are able to connect to the different VPN magically then you will not able to communicate after some time. A proper communication is established only when both the devices are connected on a same network. No doubt, you will able to cast the contents from the device connected outside the home VPN but will not able to view the restricted material that requires VPN first. The VPN option is asked by the software during Google Chromecast setupin your device. You can do secure casting with ability to watch restricted material, if you have configured a same VPN on both the devices.

Now we are going to tell you the three ways through which you can cast using Chromecast device behind a VPN.
  • The very first and foremost way to cast through the Chromecast com setupis by using a chrome tab in your computer. Open the chrome tab from chrome browser with the help of ctrl+ N option. This is the easiest method out of all three.
  • The second way to cast through mobile devices is by connecting the home router to the Virtual Private Network.
  • Third and the last method is to connect to the ad-hoc wireless network that has shared VPN.

There is no need to connect the Chromecast to the VPN service in the first method but it is mandatory in both the 2nd and 3rd methods. You need to connect to the VPN service with the help of Chromecast support link. These two methods are not so easy and quick. To configure VPN service in your Chromecast device, firstly configure the router so that it gets connected to the VPN. Once it gets connected, then all your devices including Chromecast will also get connected to the same VPN, provided it is connected to the home network.

This is productive way to connect to it but some people find problem in connecting to the VPN because their home router is not capable of getting connected to the VPN due to its hardware support. The hardware restrictions in home router omits the user interface settings. In such cases, you need to upgrade your router firmware or flash it with the help of DD WRT or tomato assortments.
Most people feel frightened in taking the risk of flashing a router through community firmware, so they do nothing with their routers and keep on visiting www Chromecast com site for fixing the issue. They don’t look at the technical capabilities that are need for fixing it with the positive prospect. Although some technical tasks are additionally required regrettably.

At the bottom, to get Google Chromecast work on a VPN smoothly, you are required to set-up an ad-hoc hotspot using PC or notebook. This particular hotspot will act like a middle man for performing the communication duties. One you cast the contents through this device then the hotspot will automatically forward the traffic to VPN connection and this will be used by the Chromecast device to cast the contents. We call these types of hotspots as hosted network.

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