sitting is a silent killer l.
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Sitting is detrimental for our health PowerPoint Presentation
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Sitting is detrimental for our health

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Sitting is detrimental for our health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Don't spoil your back by sitting for prolonged hours

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sitting is a silent killer

Sitting is a silent killer

Sitting is the most passive thing in our daily activity. Even chewing and drinking water needs more energy than sitting. Sitting for prolonged hours causes lots of diseases like arthritis, diabetes and chronic heart diseases.

Unbelievable? But it’s true.

Scaryyyyyyyyy! Isn’t it?

please don t sit too much
Please don’t sit too much
  • Sitting for prolonged hours causes osteoarthritis
  • Fat metabolism slows down to a huge extent
  • Digestive system weakens
  • Increases triglycerides and bad cholesterol
  • Prohibits the secretion of insulin
  • Sitting makes us to feel dizzy

& lots more.

So, for sake of your health & family

Don’t sit too much

sitting hampers focus on work
Sitting hampers focus on work

When we sit for long hours, neurons don’t send active synapses to brain at regular intervals. Thus, after a certain span of time we feel lethargic , it’s surely an obstacle to our work progress.

Your boss will get wild! When he will

see you dozing at your desk. Wake up quickly

to spare the kick at your bum!

standing is truly beneficial
Standing is truly beneficial!

Standing cures all the detrimental effects of sitting. So, kick the couch/chair! Use stand up desk to feel the real goodness of health and pleasure of working.

contact us to feel the pleasure of standing
Contact us to feel the pleasure of standing

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