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Nature walk- A walk in the wild in Pench Tiger Reserve

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Nature walk- A walk in the wild in Pench Tiger Reserve - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nature walk- A walk in the wild in Pench Tiger Reserve

Nature walk is an ideal pace to experience the subtle gift of

forest.During the walk you will feel the closeness and yourself in the

arms of mother Nature. Many rare, colourful and natural stone can be

seen and touched. Taking a walk is one of the best things we can do for


When walking we’re alone with our thoughts, while at the same time

breathing fresh air, absorbing Vitamin D, and listening to the soothing

sounds of the natural world. Sharingeven just ten minutes with nature,

results in large improvements in “self-esteem and mood” and better

quality of sleep.

For nature walk in forest and Village, Pench Forest has multiple zones

which are often missed during open jeep jungle safari in Penchsuch as :

Tree zone- the height of tree is 60-100 feet

Sapling zone- 40-60 feet height are known as young trees.

Shrub zone-they arenot tall by nature and i.e. lantana

Herbal zone- medicinal plants are available i.e. curcumina,

sarpgandha, aswagandha, satavar and many more.

Ground zone- the plants which are less than 1 feet are considered

to be ground zone plants, Fungi, Mushroom, Algae, Lichen.

You get to see many pug marks, hoop marks and droppings, pellets this

indicates the presence of wild animals inthat area.


Plan for Jungle Safari and Nature trail in Pench - Recommendation for

every individuals planning for jungle safaris in any national park must

add nature walk as one of the important experience. This gives you very

close information and knowledge about the plants and trees, which can

also we felt by touching them.Organic vegetables can also be seen

during the walk and village life can be experienced closely in Nature

walk and village walk in Pench Tiger reserve.

Nature walk is an exciting bird watcher’s delight– the most important

is to take care of clothes. It should be earth colour clothing and

camouflage clothes are suggested. Proper footwear,book on birds small

diary and pen, camera to capture your memories.

Preferred timing for a walk in the wild in Pench Tiger Reserve:

Morning around 6:30 am in winters and 5:30 am in summers.

Evening – 3:00 pm in winters and 4:30 pm in summers.

Available birds in Pench for Nature walk and Bird watchingactivity–

Pench has a wide variety of resident and migratory birds and are seen

in different seasons. One of the best national park in Madhya Pradesh

for bird watching.Few of them are as follows:Grey-headed Fish Eagle,

Rufous-fronted Prinia, Painted Stork, Paddyfield Pipit, Jungle Bush

Quail, Indian Grey Hornbill, Indian Roller , White-throated Kingfisher,

Jungle Nightjar, Citrine Wagtail, Yellow-browed Bulbul, Scaly-breasted

Munia and many more


Areas close to Village Machaan Resort for walk:

Kohka lake walk

Buffer of Turia zone

Village walk to experience

Pottery Village walk

Benefits of Nature walk in wilderness :

Creative: Talking a walk is the fastest way to get creative. It helps

brain muscles to come up with new ideas and solve problems.

Health : Walking more than a quarter of a mile per day had half

the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, compared to

those who walked less

Calm: Walk in the Jungle can put the brain into a meditative state

and keeps the mind quiet and calm.

Positive: Taking a 20 minutes’ walk rejuvenates the brain and

provides protective and restorative effect.

Controls depression and releases stress

Improves athletic performance

Improves immunity and memory

Reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality

Helps battle colds and flu and recovery is fast

Makes you happy, refreshes the mood

Speeds recovery time after sickness


Pench National Park – Pench Tiger reserve is a very popular

wildlife location, located in Southern boundaries of Madhya

Pradesh. The name of Pench tiger reserve has been derived from

Pench river.

How to reach Pench?

Pench National park, MP is located in the border of Madhya

Pradesh and Maharashtra. Proximity from Nagpur is just 90 Kms.

The nearest railway station and airport is Nagpur. 2 Hours driving

distance by road from Nagpur Maharashtra. Nagpur has the rail or

air connectivity from almost all the locations of the nation.

We Village Machaan will assist you in providing all the details to

reach Pench National Park and also about booking Jungle safari’s

in Pench. Resort is just 2 kms from the Jungle safari zone Turia

gate and is 10 minutes drive from resort. This Resort in Pench has

all the facilities and amenities required during your stay in Pench,

and can assist the guest for arranging Jungle safari bookings in

Penchand Bird watching activity in Pench.

For further assistance kindly feel free to call us at +91-

8435909944/ +91-7771884889

Visit us at

Email us at