Bird Watching in Pench National Park
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Bird watching in pench national park

Bird Watching in Pench National Park

Birds play vital roles in eco system. Many plants depend on birds to

spread their seeds, and few plants relay on humming birds for

pollination. Birds are also important for controlling the insects as they

consume largequantities of the same.

Pench National Park is a bird watchers paradise. “Colour is the essence

of life” and sightings of these vibrant colour living is pleasing to eyes.

Pench is gaining recognition as one of the India’s best birding

destinations. Spectacular birds add liveliness to the wilderness in the

forest, making it a delightful experience for every single tourist. Many

bird watching tours and camps are organise for bird watchers. The

reservoir attracts the water birds which increases the bird life in the

park. Pench has much more to offer than just Tigers such as these

magnificent malabar pied hornbills, grey headed -fish eagle, white-

rumped vultures, painted spurfowl, peafowl, collared scops owl and

many more. Winter migrants are little grebe wagtails, snipes and

sandpipers. Bird watching in the buffer areas can be equally rewarding

avian wonderland, there is enough for a serious birder even along with

its peripheries.

Pench is a home to Fishing Eagle, Kingfisher, Oriental Darter , Common

Herons, Egrets, Storks, Indian Roller, Emerald Dove, Yellow-Footed

Green Piegen, Green Bee Eater, Grey Horn Bill, Rufous Treepie, Asian

Koel, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Black-NapedMonarch, Yellow-Wattled

Lapwing, Red Vented Bulbul, Common Maina, Sun Bird, Black Drango,

Bird watching in pench national park

Greater racket-tailed drongo, Red Munia, Black drongo, House Sparrow,

Wood Pecker, Hoopoe and many more. The birding watchers look for

brown wood-owl , oriental turtle-dove. The diversity of birds in pench is

incrediblein Pench Tiger Reserve. Varieties of wood peckers, Minivets,

barvets, red starts, cockoos, babblers, parakits and thrushes breed in

Pench forest. Seeing them all is treat to an eyes. They can be viewed

only by going for an open jeep jungle safari in Pench National Park.

Chindwani and Gumtara areas in penh are known to ahve nexting sites

for both the species of vultures- the red –headed or king vulture can be

recognod=sed by a black body with white at the base of its neck and

upper thigh with characteristics red legs and feet. The Egyptian vulture

which is also seen in pench is a smaller vulture with a white body,

yellow face and wedge-shaped tailed. Another is Indian vulture has a

similar white wing underside pattern, but the body is creamish. Two

more vultures , The Griffon vulture and cinereous vulture have been

recorded from Pench during winter season. Pench is ideal for vultures.

This invites and attracts good number of tourists for jungle safari in

Penchand bird watchers during winter season.

Tips for Bird Watching: While Preparing yourself in advance, bird

watching can be more rewarding in Pench Tiger reserve, some

guidelines to follow and enjoy the colours of nature.

Bird watching in pench national park

1. Birds are active during early morning between 6:30 to 9:30 am

and 4 to 7 pm i the evenings.

2. Summer is the nesting season for many birds and chances of

seeing migratory species is high during winter season.

3. Earth colour clothing (green,brown and grey), sports or hiking

shoes, cap or hat to protect you from sun. For a forest visitors

attire plays an important role to be a good tourist and to have a

comfortable safari drive in Pench National PARK.

4. A pair of binoculars is important and helps to see the lovely birds

from a distance place also.

5. Carry a diary to maintain records and notes of your observation.

Try getting hard copy of the areas check list to maintain a

systematic family wise list of birds.

6. Maintain silence during your safari; keep your cell phones off.

7. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty, flaura &

fauna of Pench forest.

8. Try to avoid weekends to experience the silence of the Pench

wildlife sanctuary M.P.

9. Don’t “look for birds” in a forest. Just let your eyes wander to

detect movement where nothing else is moving.


Carry a good bird book with you to help identify birds.


Ponds, streams and river banks are all excellent birding



Birding just outside the forest is often better than inside the

national park.

Bird watching in pench national park

13. 9:30 am

Enjoy all your birds- there aren’t any “better” or “more

exotic” species in the world.

Watching these cheerful, little creatures can give an in depth

knowledge on their living patterns and their habitats.

Village Machaan resorts in Pench itself has more than 250 varieties of

plants in its premises and is home to many birds mentioned above. The

speciality of this resort is “Glass Cottages with the Machaans”. Sitting

on these Machaans are the right place for the bird watcher to

experience the melodious chirping and colourfulness of birds along

with the luxury of the resort in Pench.

Resort is near to Turia gate (1.5 kms) and 10 minutes drive to park entry

for Jungle safari in Pench. Most convenient and comfortable stay for

bird watchers in Pench is the Village Machaan the best resort in Pench

national park.

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