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Raccoon Removal Tips

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Raccoon Removal Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Follow Raccoon Removal tips to keep raccoon away from your house. These animals enter a human dwelling either in search of food or to keep their babies safe. For safe removal of raccoons contact Urban Wildlife Control or visit at: \nhttp://www.urbanwildlifecontrol.com/animals/raccoons/\nCall us at: 678-493-7194\n

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Inspect your house for any kind of hole or entry point, if you find raccoon in your chimney or attic.

check for baby raccoon
Check for Baby Raccoon

While removing raccoons check for a baby raccoon also, as these animals intrude an attic to keep their baby safe.

cover your garbage cans
Cover Your Garbage Cans

A raccoon enters your home in search of food which they easily get from the garbage cans outside your house. Be sure to cover the bins tightly or keep it inside.


Trapping is the best option for Raccoon Removal. Trap them in a steel cage and relocate them far away from your house. This the safest way to exterminate raccoons.

about us
About Us

Few things you need to take care of while going for Raccoon Removal. Most of the time if you find a raccoon inside your attic it is a female raccoon with their babies. You may harm them while trapping. It is better to contact a licensed animal control company like Urban Wildlife Control to get rid of raccoons without harming.

contact us
Contact Us

For more details on Raccoon Removal please visit: http://www.urbanwildlifecontrol.com/animals/raccoons/