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How to milk a cow PowerPoint Presentation
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How to milk a cow

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How to milk a cow
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How to milk a cow

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  1. How to milk a cow Tucker Scharf

  2. Requirements Provide a good environment for the cow that is clean. Loud music and things that may frighten the cow can reduce oxytocin (milk production) and kick in adrenaline. Wear latex gloves. Have pre-milk solution and post-milk solution Towels Milk bucket or harvesting system

  3. Step One You first want to rub off all dirt, sand and manure of the teat.

  4. Step Two Clean with pre-milk solution Strip the milk of each teat at least three times

  5. Step Three Make sure the milk is of good quality. A disease called mastitis can make the milk stringy, cloudy and watery. A cow’s milk that is diagnosed with mastitis can’t be cured and should not be consumed.

  6. Step Four After waiting about 45-120 seconds wipe off the pre milk solution with a towel. After wiping the solution off, flip your towel over and wipe off the teat again

  7. Step Five Start to milk the cow by hand or apply the teat cups to start automatic milking

  8. Step Six After milking is complete apply the post-milk solution. This keeps the teat sanitized and ready for the next milking process.

  9. Pictures and Information References Cow utter on slide three: Pre-milk solution on slide four: Milking on slide four: Milk testing tool on slide five: Cleaning with a towel on slide six Both pictures on slide seven: Post milking solution on slide eight: Information: , my workplace

  10. The End