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How to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company

How to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company

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How to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company

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  1. How to find the Best Mobile App Development Company

  2. Why Do You Need to Hire the Best Mobile App Development Company? Here are the top reasons: • Increasing demand for technology in each industry, each business. • Increasing competition. • Increasing demand for quality over price. • Increasing hassles of hiring the right in-house development team. • Lack of domain expertise.

  3. Look for references • Your first step needs to be looking for references from your contacts. Ask your:- • Clients • Ex-employees • Ex-clients • Ex-employers • Family/friends

  4. Search online • Following are the ways you can search the mobile app development companies online: • On Google • On LinkedIn • On Twitter • On Quora • On Clutch

  5. Observe their communication • What do you need to observe in communicating with those companies: • The turnaround time in responding to your 1st email. • The way of writing a response. • What is their response rate? • How professional are they? • Whether they are eager to work with you.

  6. Check out their portfolios • Almost all the mobile app development companies have their portfolios listed on their own website.

  7. Check out their website & blog • What to look in the mobile app development company’s website for your benefit? • Testimonials • Case Studies • Whitepapers • Blogs • Awards

  8. Look for their experience & expertise • Study their ‘about’ section on their website to know about their inception. • Compare the years of existence to the number of apps delivered. • Look for what all technologies they’ve expertise and experience in. • Look for their social media shares and engagements as well.

  9. Consider long-term relationship • Your requirements are not finished with just app development. • You would need maintenance and support after app launch. • You might also look for a new website or web application for your future business plans. • In future, you might look for developing your app on other platforms as well.

  10. Discuss your app requirements • What platform do you want to target your audience. • Whether your app will be an on-demand app. • What all your competitors are having in their mobile app • Discuss the security aspects of your mobile app

  11. Discuss the estimated timeline • What happens is that the companies promise a certain date and time to grab the project without estimating the appropriate time the app development will take.

  12. Understand their testing cycle • Without testing, your app might have bugs or exceptions with which your app might fail. • Sometimes, some functionalities work on one device and it is not compatible with the other. If this remained untested, it leaves a poor experience for your users.

  13. Understand their maintenance policies? • As you know that your app development requirement would go on and on and on. • So, it is equally important to understand their maintenance policies before selecting the mobile app development companies.

  14. Discuss the pricing • Don’t ever get yourself fooled around on the cheap price for any app development. Because you might get trapped for a lower price app which is not even as per your expectation. • Never compromise quality over price.

  15. Prepare a list of preferred ones • Now, based on the list that you prepared, you need to shortlist the ones for reconsideration for your mobile app development. • Based on your analysis, create a list of top 3 or 5 and then further analyze them.

  16. Finalize the best one • Based on the analysis, choose the best mobile app development company for your enterprise..

  17. Thank You • Feel free to reach us if you are looking for Mobile application development company, feel free to contact us • Visit: • Email: • Skype: • Call: +91 7940034811