7 tips to market your mobile apps n.
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7 Tips to Market your Mobile Apps PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Tips to Market your Mobile Apps

7 Tips to Market your Mobile Apps

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7 Tips to Market your Mobile Apps

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  1. 7 Tips to Market Your Mobile Apps

  2. Few Facts & Figures • 300,000+ mobile apps developed in last three years. • 585,000+ apps available on Apple iStore. • 450,000+ apps available on Google App Store. • 82,234+ apps available on Windows Marketplace. • 25 billion+ apps downloaded from Apple iStore. • 10 billion+ apps downloaded from Google App Store. • 217million+ apps downloaded from Windows Marketplace.

  3. Tip #1 – Be Original Originality is always a virtue. You stand a very slim chance of success unless you are truly original. You therefore need to do one of the following: Be the first developer to come out with your type of app or present an existing category of app in a new, unique way

  4. Tip #2 - Plan Your Strategy Nothing works without proper planning and implementation. So go about marketing your app in a systematized way. • Keep your focus on marketing the product in a unique way. Plan out a marketing strategy well in advance. • Place yourself in the potential customer’s shoes. Would you buy the app if you were them? Does the app appeal to you as a third person? • Try out different ways to work on the same concept, like fusing different categories to make something new out of it.

  5. Tip #3 - Create an Effective Sales Pitch Before you even start talking about the product, you need to create an effective marketing pitch for it. You should plan a sales pitch that sounds appealing enough for people to follow through to the next step.

  6. Tip #4 - Build Your Website Building a great website goes a long way in effectively marketing your product. Think of unique ideas and present your product in a way that will attract more visitors to your website. Show the app in action and also involve a human element. Tell people how and why they will benefit from buying your app. Your website will then act like your best marketing tool.

  7. Tip #5 - Tweet Away Be accessible on Twitter. This is one platform that gets you plenty of attention, all for free. You need to get people to talk about your product. So create the necessary exposure by tweeting about it as often as you can and in as many different ways as you can.

  8. Tip #6 - Talk Easy Being noticed via Social Media is all about being easy, conversational and approachable. Imagine that all people using social media are your buddies. Make conversation with them like you would, with your friends.

  9. Tip #7 – Blog About It Make a blog for your app and discuss all the necessary information about your app there. Try featuring your app on popular tech blogs. Tech sites and review blogs are very useful in generating traffic too, so do try and get your product featured on these blogs.