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Gold mining stock

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Gold mining stock - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Have you ever enjoyed making 100 times your investment? This is a very rare, super high risk reward situation that /nfew people enjoy. But there are people who know where to find them, and some find them more than once in a /nlifetime.

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Gold Mining Stock Euphoria

Making the Tech Bubble feel like a Church Group Supper


Have you ever enjoyed making 100 times your investment? This is a very rare, super high risk reward situation that few people enjoy. But there are people who know where to find them, and some find them more than once in a lifetime.


You see, scouring the planet for gold is quite impractical for most people, just watch the discovery show Gold Rush Alaska to see a glamorized version of reality. Gold is rare and so are the people who find it.


The state of the world and markets is creating a situation where those explorers who discover gold will see the value of their stock explode and people around the world will rush in to get a piece of the action.


Those early enough to the party will enjoy gains beyond anything they have every experienced. Flipping a house to double your money, big deal… How about 1000% or 10000% in a few years?


So, what about these super successful gold explorers? Who are they? Well, before we get into that, let’s look at how many companies try to find gold – these are just publicly traded ‘companies.’


They’re not really companies or, rather, they’re more like science projects – until they find enough gold to economically extract.

Just finding gold isn’t enough, you have to find a high enough concentration of gold in an area


to justify the HUGE expense of building a mine, bringing in men, building roads, and bringing in heavy machinery.

Some of these little gold seeking science projects cost $500,000 a month to operate!


And, they’re just a handful of dudes, looking around the bush, mapping and taking samples – absolutely no production, no revenue, just spending cash like crazy to find gold.


This is super high risk.

So, the people who hit it big are rare and those who hit it big numerous times in their lives are wildly rare; they make cheetahs or dodo birds seem abundant!


There are about 20 to 30 people worldwide who are super successful mine finders - miners who consistently make their investors life changing gains.

Some specialize in gold, some silver, and many of these


geniuses have a knack for most mineral exploration : zinc, copper, natural gas, lead, uranium, coal, lithium, and on and on. These exploration gurus have made numerous discoveries over long careers.


Personally, I haven’t ever enjoyed making 100 times my investment – yet. I say yet, because I am determined to follow the best of the best in what they do and invest where they do. I spend money to get great information.


I read top newsletters and attend mining shows and exclusive conferences and summits to get closer to the people who have made their investors billions over the years--billions. I’ve had a taste, cashing in 1000% gains a few times and now I’m hooked!


I discovered the idea that one should follow the best, first and foremost, from reading the works of Casey Research, headed up by Doug Casey – an extremely successful speculator and investor with over 30 years experience


guiding his readers to huge gains. His theory, as I understand it, is based on the 80-20 rule. 80% of the success of an organization comes from 20% of the people. So, taking it further, 20% of that 20% is 4% of the whole herd.


If you learn about the top 4% and what they do, you’ll do very very well.

Following Casey Research publications, I’ve gotten a little closer to that top 4% - the top 4% of players (20-30 pros worldwide)


in a sector that can make you rich and make you rich fast. Many of Casey’s picks have made me money over the years.

Casey and Crew call the world’s super successful miners friends (the top 4%)


and friends share information.

Since I’m not mingling with the world’s top miners, I pay Casey Research to fill me in on how to strike it rich in natural resource investing.


With the price of gold and other natural resources nearing or surpassing all time highs, mining exploration companies are poised for incredible gains. Many of the best have already exploded in price making investors 5 to 10 times their money since 2008.


Personally, I think a near term correction in the entire ‘junior mining’ sector could make for one last epic buying opportunity. To learn more about how to follow the best of the best, the top 4%, like Casey Research and the


miners they follow, check out!

Hope you enjoy the feeling that comes from earning 100 times your money!


Travis Grier: