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Toyota Dealer: Things to Do Before Going on a Road Trip Around Anaheim PowerPoint Presentation
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Toyota Dealer: Things to Do Before Going on a Road Trip Around Anaheim

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Toyota Dealer: Things to Do Before Going on a Road Trip Around Anaheim - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Going on a road trip? Double the fun and avoid mistakes by taking a Toyota dealership’s suggestions on things to do to prepare for your journey.

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Toyota Dealer: Things to Do Before Going on a Road Trip Around Anaheim

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    1. June 20, 2017 Toyota Dealer: Things to Do Before Going on a Road Trip Around Anaheim Road trips are not a thing of the past. As recent as 2015, it was estimated that a total of 45% Americans went on summer vacation. Ninety-one percent of them traveled by road using personal vehicle for the average range of 284 miles. The American Automobile Association calculated that over 34 million Americans will be taking road trips over the Memorial Day weekend alone. The United States is home to some of the most beautiful panorama that can only be seen from the road, and a lot of people want to experience this. Page | 1

    2. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when starting a road trip with your own vehicle instead of by air or other forms of public transportation. Neglect or failure could make your road trip end up being taxing and torturous because many things can go wrong when traveling that many miles. Follow these bits of advice, and take your family and friends for a road trip to remember. Plan Loosely The great thing about road trips is the freedom to see what the road has to offer. If your plan is too detailed, there is a chance that you’ll miss some interesting thing along the way. As most roadtrippers do have a time limit, plan what cities you would like to visit and where you would like to sleep every night. Keep the rest of the day free to explore the area. Check and Clean Your Car You would essentially be living out of your car for the next week or month, so you don’t want to be finding an old gum stuck to the seats or stale fast food containers. Mess can add to the fatigue you will be experiencing on the road. It could take up your exciting vacation time and turn it into a massive spring cleaning instead. Aside from a clean cab, you also want to make sure you have a healthy engine. Take your car for service to check fluid levels, brakes, tires, signals, and everything else that could give you problem on the road. Make sure to bring a spare tire and jumper cable for the road, just in case. Prepare Your Entertainment Road trips could have its moments. When you’re driving on the highway andthere isn’t much to see, it could be a bit boring. Bring your iPod or CDs to play in the car. Prepare some car games to play with your friends. Have children on board? Set them up with interesting games or interactive movies from your phone or other gaming gadgets. But remember, don’t play with your phone while driving. Your focus should stay on the road. Page | 2

    3. There are still many more tips for going on a road trip. Drive in turn so you won’t get too tired to enjoy the trip. Have the proper documents with you at all times just in case a problem arises, and bring an actual map instead of relying on GPS or your phone. Sometimes, there are no signal or data connections on a country road. So, are you ready to tackle your first big road trip? With these tips, you can have a trip to remember. About Toyota of Orange At Toyota of Orange, we dedicate ourselves for excellence in service to make our customers happy. We have been the leading Toyota dealer near Anaheim for over 40 years. We have an extensive inventory of auto parts and offer a holistic service for your vehicles. Contact us today to solve your automotive needs! Sources: Ten and a Half Tips for Road Trips, IndependentTraveler.com 18 Road Trip Hacks, HuffingtonPost.com Page | 3