5 easy ways to save money when travelling to hong kong
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5 Easy Ways to Save Money When Travelling To Hong Kong - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 easy ways to save money when travelling to hong kong
5 Easy Ways to Save Money When Travelling To Hong Kong

If you are travelling to Hong Kong for the very first time, then there are chances to get a bit lost in the dazzling city. Hong Kong being the commercial capital of China as well as well-known tourists’ destination attracts thousands of people every year. So, if you are one of them and are a bit scared about its reputation of being insanely expensive, then here’s some cool tips for you to travel to Hong Kong without breaking the bank.

  • Get A Hong Kong Tourist SimCard

  • This point is especially important for you if you are going to stay in Hong Kong for a while. No matter whether you are travelling on business or for pleasure, you must stay connected to the world. And, while your regular sim card may work in Hong Kong, you’ll receive a sky-high telephone bill for international roaming with it. Thus, getting a Hong Kong Sim card is a great idea to make calls at local rate. There are many companies who can assist you in getting a Hong Kong Tourist sim card. You may also get one at the airport; however, you may end up paying more than usual in this case. 

5 easy ways to save money when travelling to hong kong

  • Switch Off Your Mobile Data 

  • Switching off the data roaming is a great trick to cut data cost on your mobile. Your mobile is using data connection even when you are not doing anything on it. While normally it does not cost much, it’ll charge a bomb on internationally roaming. So, it may be wiser to switch off the mobile data connection while on move. Most good cafes in Hong Kong have Wi-Fi, so you can still stay connected to the world while sipping a cup of coffee. However, if you are using a Hong Kong sim card, you may enjoy checking your social media profiles on the go. 

  • Go For Inexpensive Destinations

  • When planning sightseeing from Hong Kong, opting for lesser known yet beautiful destinations can save loads of money for you. Ditch the overcrowded and overtly priced Beijing, Shanghai etc and go for Guilin, Kunming and Chongging. These destinations in mainland are easily accessible from Hong Kong and offer rich culture heritage as well as stunning natural beauty. Being lesser known mean, you would not have to deal with a crowd here and you can greater value for your money than in big cities. 

5 easy ways to save money when travelling to hong kong

  • Opt For Public Transportation

  • Public transportation in Hong Kong is ultra-modern and super cheap. So, ditch the pocket burning cabs and go for the Ding Ding tram instead which will take you to any part of the island you want. Try to get upper deck sitting for a great view of the locality. In case you want to travel to and fro the mainland, Star Ferry is an excellent option. Here also upper deck seats will ensure stunning views of the area. Simply plug in your Headphones and enjoy the panoramic view around.  

  • Rent Accessories Instead of Buying

  • Accessories such as adapter, headphones, chargers etc are essential for traveling around. So, if you are travelling to Hong Kong and have forgotten your essential accessories, it is wiser to rent them, instead of purchasing them. Most of these accessories are pretty costly and by renting them you can save a lot of money, without compromising on quality.

  • So these are some handy tips for travelling to Hong Kong on budget.