five technical steps to set your kodak printer n.
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Kodak Printer Technical Support

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Kodak Printer Technical Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you have any printer technical error, you should call 24/7 online Kodak printer support number dial 1-800-956-0247 team for immediate help service provider. For more information visit website:-\n

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five technical steps to set your kodak printer

Five Technical Steps To Set Your Kodak Printer

Print Larger Fonts

Every Kodak printer wishes to get the exact and readable printouts while printing the documents with the

help of a printer. Unluckily, if your Kodak printer is trying to print too tiny texts, it may be very tough for

you to read the papers. On that condition, you should increase font size in the documents. However, if

you want to print larger prints without making any change to the actual file, so you must try different

methods to make your Kodak printer to print large fonts that are obviously visible. To resolve other printer

related issues, you can call online Kodak Printer Customer Support team immediately. Additionally, you

can also follow some important steps given below:-

Step 1:- Initially, you should open Microsoft Word program and click “ File” tab followed by selecting the “

PRINT” button to get print outs. On other hand, you can press “Ctrl +P” keys to reach the print menu


Step 2:- Choose the “Properties” button just by clicking on it in the task manager window. Click

“Advanced tab”. If you face any type of technical trouble, you must call online Kodak Printer Support

team to get free expert help from printer experts instantly.

Step 3:-Choose “Fit to paper size” button under scaling if you want to expand full document as possible

as you can yet now hire everything to fit on the print outs. If not, select the “Free button and expand the

document’s percentage size more than 400% just by entering the number or pressing up/downs arrows.

You should click “ok” option.

Step 4:- Press “Enter” or click “OK” or “Return “to print your documents.

step 5 you need to increase the font size while

Step 5:- You need to increase the Font size while you print the web page. To do so, you need to click

“File” tab and select the “Print preview” button. You should adjust the “SCALE” percentage to make it

larger. You can see accurately how it will show in the Print preview window before begin printing. One

time, you are assured, so you should click “Print” option.

Step 6:- If you are going to use a costly paper type, you must consider printing a test document on the

low priced paper to ensure that page prints as you hope.

Step 7:- If you want to move the page alignment to sketch, you can print bigger. It depends upon the

document type. To switch it, you need to visit the “Print” menu and select the “Portrait” button under the

basic. The print preview window encloses this option. If you have any technical error, you should call

online Kodak Printer Help Support team for immediate help.