online research communities just rock n.
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Research Communities Infographic

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Research Communities Infographic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slideshow about Research Communities Infographic by Tom De Ruyck

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Research Communities Infographic

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    1. Online Research Communities Just Rock! 66% consumers want to collaborate with brands ** 8/10 of the decision makers expect to start with an Online Research Community this year * 36% prefer this collaboration to happen in a branded research community ** * GRIT Report (2012) ** Social Media Around The World 2012 # Max. 150 MeMbers Who? speciFic proFile Collaborate with between 50-150 people, that are needed to reach the saturation level of on-topic arguments at 30 posts per thread. Collaborate with people that are interested & interesting: Fans of a specific brand or topic. On average, fans actively follow between 3-6 brandsonline *. What are Online Research Communities Why? MulTiple objecTives TiMe? Flexible! We identify4 clustersof objectives: 1) Understanding consumer’s behavior The duration of communities depends on the objectives: ranging from 3 weeks, months, or even ongoing. to 2) develop and launch new products, services, 3) fine-tuned brand positioning and/or campaigns, 4) optimize existing product, services and experiences. GaMiFicaTion & Fun Mix The sToryline & Tools By integrating play mechanisms, participants think harder which leads up to 7x richer data, but also think different through emotional, contextual Become a DJ and create the right mix of discussions, storyline and the right tools (diary tasks, photo tasks, polls) in +/- 8 topics per week. and creative techniques How to make Online Research Communities engaging Make iT Mobile Give members 24/7 access, through mobile applications to co-researchers get contextual and personal data. Involve members as co-researchers in moderation and analyses which delivers up to 20% additional insights. With over 15 years of experience in online marketing and research, InSites Consulting turned into one of the world’s leaders in bringing ‘the voice of the customer’ into the heart of a company’s business via Online Research Communities. We build over 100 private online communities a year for global clients like Heinz, Unilever, Danone, Mastercard, Philips, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Heineken.