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Getting a Chinese Visa-Perfection Required - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to get China Visa? - Get Detailed information about China Visa documents requirements and regulations

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  • I thought i would recount for you my experiences with getting a visa to visit China this fall. The purpose of this post is to save YOU time hopefully.

  • China is one of those countries which prefer that you use an agency to process your visa.

  • For your hotel listing, make sure you include the province where the hotel is, not just the city---I left the province out for Shanghai and my application was rejected..

  • I guess they do not know where Shanghai is located.. Also you must include a copy of each hotel reservation

  • BUT make sure that all names are listed on the reservation confirmation.

  • In my case both my wife's name and my name must be listed on the res form.

  • In one case we are sharing a suite in shanghai with our travelling companion, so all three of our names must appear on the res confirmation.

  • The hotel can do this for you if you request it.

  • If you have been to china before, you must include a photocopy of your previous visas China Visa Fees.

  • So our visa application package included the following for the 3 of us:

  • two copies of the 4 page visa application 1 recent passport sized picture for each of us a copy of our cancelled passports showing the "cancelled" marks in which our previous visa was issued

  • a copy of each of our hotel reservation, in a non-email format, listing each person in each room

  • each of our passports with at least 6 months remaining in their life, and at least 2 full visa pages available (NY juristiction only) in original passport pages, not on add-in pages.

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