Buy stainless steel sculpture online
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This slide is related to the stainless steel sculpture.IN this slide, we have mention informative information related to the stainless steel sculpture.

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Buy stainless steel sculpture online
Buy stainless steel sculpture online

Sculpture is one of the most beautiful things and especially if you are an artist and you understand the meaning of this beautiful piece of art. Sculpture helps you to portray the society a thought process and something to possess for the longest time. Designing and making a stainless steel sculpture is not such an easy thing as one might think of. It is of course astounding to look at but it takes a lot to develop the concept of a sculpture and then making it into the masterpiece you want to buy.

Basic knowledge about stainless steel sculpture
Basic Knowledge about Stainless Steel Sculpture

Stainless steel sculpture is the most common type of urban sculpture. As a professional stainless steel sculpture manufacturer, Guangzhou Tipart Sculpture Company.

Manufacturing method
Manufacturing Method

1) Make small clay draft

2) Enlarge the proportion of small draft

3) Reproduce the clay into a hard material mold

4) Forge the stainless steel sculpture according to the model

5) Polish the sculpture several times

6) Spray fluorocarbon paint on the sculpture’s surface

Buy stainless steel sculpture online

Globe Sculpture

Material: Stainless Steel

Buy stainless steel sculpture online

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