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Quickly Eliminate Back Pain in Thunder Bay

Hello, I’m Dr. Dan Gleeson. My chiropractic office provides neck and low back pain relief for the residents of Thunder Bay Ontario. I invite to you read more about me, our team and the excellent care you’ll experience at Outback Chiropractic Clinic. http://outbackchiropracticclinic.com

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Quickly Eliminate Back Pain in Thunder Bay

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  1. Quickly Eliminate Back Pain in Thunder Bay What is the fastest way to eliminate back pain Thunder Bay people are suffering with? If you answered pain relievers, or some form of medication you need to read the question again. Medication masks pain, it does not eliminate pain. The fastest way to eliminate back pain is with treatment from a chiropractor. You might be thinking what you need right now is some immediate relief from the pain, not a solution which may take a few treatments. There is no reason you cannot take a pain reliever while getting care from a Thunder Bay chiropractor, but there may be a better choice. Have you considered the advantages of using acupuncture in place of a pain reliever, or at least along with it? Acupuncture can give you fast relief and will work in concert with the chiropractic treatments to accelerate the healing process eliminating back pain for the long term.

  2. The same is true for neck pain Thunder Bay residents are dealing with. You cannot eliminate neck or back pain with drugs. It just does not work. You will get four to six hours of relief, but the problem is still there waiting to attack. As soon as the pain reliever wears off you are miserable. It is much better to eliminate the source of the pain and be able to stop taking those drugs for a very important reason. Stop Damaging Your Body with Poisons Most forms of pain relievers are not intended to be used over long durations. With time they do two things. The first thing you will notice is they decrease in effectiveness. You are then faced with switching to more powerful medications or increasing dosage. This leads us to the second problem. Most of the medications with time increase body toxicity. Your body is battling to deal with eliminating the poisons the medications put in your body. Your kidneys and liver go into overdrive. You must get off of this cycle and address the cause not just the symptom.

  3. Thunder Bay chiropractors do not look at the neck pain Thunder Bay citizens face as normal. They know it can be eliminated with proper treatment. They work with their clients to evaluate the situation using x-rays, physical examinations, and then work to correct the problems they detect. Simple chiropractic adjustments to the neck and spine are often all that is required to start reducing the pain and eventually eliminating it completely. The back pain Thunder Bay families deal with is the same. Once the doctor determines where the problem in the back lies it is just a matter of using the correct form of treatment to allow the body to heal properly. Spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and acupuncture can be used by the chiropractor to provide fast relief and long term solutions.

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