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Pool Spa Cleaners Mountain View PowerPoint Presentation
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Pool Spa Cleaners Mountain View

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Pool Spa Cleaners Mountain View
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Pool Spa Cleaners Mountain View

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  1. Excel Pool & Spa

  2. 5 Costly Pool Maintenance Mistakes and the Way Around A swimming pool is an exciting feature for your home and family. It is a luxury which not enhances the value of your home, but can also help you with having a fit and healthy lifestyle. The swimming pool is a perfect venue for not just the summer splashes but also the barbecue parties. So, the benefits of swimming pool are enormous. But, maintenance and keep up with the swimming pool is an equally challenging task. If you want to have a pool in which you can dive now and then, you need to keep it clean and clear. Otherwise, it can become a hub of germs, bacteria, algae, and molds. Dirty pool water can cause severe allergies including skin diseases, stomachaches, and diarrhea. So, when you have a swimming pool, you must contact a professional pool and spa cleaners to take care of your pool maintenance. However, you must also keep a regular check on the quality and cleanliness of your pool. So, here are the five common mistakes that you should avoid.

  3. Not Investing in Good Quality Filter • If there is an appropriate comparison for the filter, you the can consider them as your swimming pool’s kidneys. Filter is essential to keep pool water clean and clear of impurities. • A filter does most of the work in clearing out debris and dirt out of the pool. But, if you buy cheap quality filter which cannot work efficiently, you are not only compromising the quality of water but also inviting expensive repairs and replaces. • Therefore, you should choose the filter carefully which matches to your pool size and is of good quality.

  4. Not Maintaining Water Level • Even if you have hiredpool and spa cleaners to do the job, you must keep an eye on the water level yourself. • Evaporation causes water to dry out and results in a significant drop in water level. Not only it causes chemical imbalances and calcium hardness, but it can also stress up pool filter. • Pool filter needs to do extra work to extract water and process it resulting in damages and early repairs. So, as a responsible pool owner, you should not let the water level drop.

  5. Not Checking Chemical Balance • Your pool’s health and your health depends on pool chemicals. From chlorine mixture, hardness to Ph, you must closely watch chemical balance of the pool if you want to prevent bacteria and diseases. • For chemicals such as chlorine and Ph, you may even need to check your pool twice a week while other chemicals can be tested a month apart. If your pool cleaners visit only once a month, you should take charge of weekly testing. • Storing Pool Chemicals for A Long Time • You bought a bottle of liquid chlorine 3 years back and you intend to use it another 6 years? You are making a serious mistake. • There is an expiry date of pool chemicals as well. The expired chemicals are dangerous to the health and can ruin quality of water.

  6. Not Cleaning Pool After a Splash Party Pool parties are fun. But having ten people in a pool together is not the most hygienic idea. In such large parties, pool chlorine is consumed quickly, and PH can change rapidly. So, once you are done with the party, check water quality, run pumps, and filters, and treat your pool with chemicals.

  7. Contact: Excel Pool & Spa 1924 Plymouth Street, Mountain View , CALIFORNIA 94043 http://www.excelpool.com