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DePaul Athletics Ticketing

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DePaul Athletics Ticketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DePaul Athletics Ticketing Presented By Rich Crothers & Igor Kanevskiy April 14th, 2005 About DePaul University Established in 1898 Urban, Catholic, Vincentian 23,500 students Approximately 75% commuter students 4,500 faculty and staff Sports Men’s and Women’s basketball and soccer

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Presentation Transcript
depaul athletics ticketing

DePaul Athletics Ticketing

Presented By

Rich Crothers & Igor Kanevskiy

April 14th, 2005

about depaul university
About DePaul University
  • Established in 1898
  • Urban, Catholic, Vincentian
  • 23,500 students
    • Approximately 75% commuter students
  • 4,500 faculty and staff
  • Sports
    • Men’s and Women’s basketball and soccer
    • Women’s softball and volleyball
depaul s is division
DePaul’s IS division
  • PeopleSoft shop
    • 120 people
    • Running Windows 2003 and Unix systems
  • Blackboard School
    • Unix Transaction System
    • Blackboard Learning System
depaul university s athletic ticketing solution
DePaul University’s Athletic Ticketing Solution
  • Session Objectives:
    • Why did we want a new athletic ticketing system?
    • Choice of solution
    • Solution design
    • Lessons learned
  • Innovation
    • Build a working web-based ticketing solution within existing system architecture
  • Results of Design
why do we want a new athletic ticketing system
Why do we want a new athletic ticketing system?
  • DePaul University recently instituted an athletics fee
    • Provide free or discounted event admission
  • Handle expected increase in attendance with the move to the Big East Conference
  • Automated system to address event registration and payment for extended benefits
  • Ability to sign-up for an Athletics event at any of DePaul University venues: Wish Field, Athletic Center and Allstate Arena
solution options
Solution Options
  • Two possible solutions
    • Buy TicketMaster’s Archtics solution
    • Build internal DePaul solution
  • Solutions evaluated with Even Swaps methodology

DePaul’s internal solution

  • fit best with the Athletic Department functional and overall requirements
  • High visibility to students
  • Integrates into the “Student Experience”
  • Exclusively DePaul branded
  • Use the DePaul ID as the “Ticket”
  • Solution has been live and largely successful for the athletics fall and winter seasons
    • 35+ Total events
    • Total attendees = 8904 with 1338 guests
    • Total parking passes sold = 1030
    • Total bus requests = 3348
    • Students and fans commented that the system was “cool”, “easy” and “advanced”
sequoia wireless reader
Sequoia Wireless Reader
  • 10 readers
  • Project required online use
solution design
Solution Design
  • Blackboard Transaction System Unix Edition
    • Count Privilege/Account
      • 1 tick for student
      • 1 tick for guest (limit 1guest)
    • Daily reset
      • AP-NP Bug with Daily Count reset
solution design14
Solution Design
  • Peoplesoft interface with Blackboard Transaction System Unix Edition
    • PeopleSoft script (SQR) runs to import patrons into BTSUE
      • PS Auto Schedule to update adds to the events
      • Automated Import Script on BTSUE
      • Run morning of the event
      • Updated every 30 minutes until event start time
solution design15
Solution Design
  • Blackboard and Informatica
    • Script to run log recall for Sequoia readers “to file”
    • Informatica pulls file from /tmp
    • Analyze Swipe used data vs. Sign Up
solution design17
Solution Design
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal
event reservation
Event Reservation
  • Check student eligibility
    • Athletics fee charged?
      • Web service call to PeopleSoft Student Administration System
  • Check availability
    • Seats still available?
    • Registration still open?
  • Log beginning of session
reserve tickets
Reserve Tickets
  • Tickets are reserved for three minutes
    • Update session with purchase options and expiration time
    • Additional availability checks
collect billing information
Collect Billing Information
  • Payment
    • Credit card number
      • Number verified by algorithm
    • CVV2
    • Name and address
charge credit card
Charge Credit Card
  • Web service call to a DePaul eCommerce Service
    • .NET Web Service
    • Wrapper for a COM DLL
    • Synchronous call across the Internet
credit card vendor nova
Credit Card Vendor - Nova
  • Contact the vendor with required information
  • Process response
  • Log the transaction to a separate database
  • Return code from Nova sent back to reservation application
  • Reservation application determines whether to continue, give user another chance, or to stop the purchase
    • Allow only three attempts
confirmation screen
Confirmation Screen
  • Update session to reflect a purchase
  • Past attempts are marked as invalid
  • Parking Pass displayed if purchased
customer relationship management crm
314,854 emails

22 campaigns in 4 ½ months

Three types of communications

Reminders to Students with Reservations

Student Attendee Drive

General Awareness of New Student Athletics Tickets Benefit

A variety of offline marketing support drove students to Athletics website

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Event and registration data moved to a data warehouse
  • Analyzed and displayed with Informatica’s PowerAnalyzer
  • Tool is entirely Web-Based
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Scalability of solution
  • Quick, efficient processing of transactions
  • Linking multiple systems together requires a bullet-proof design and superb coding
  • DePaul had 4 out of 35 event failures
    • Two first test events and two first “live” events
    • AP-NP bug in BTSUE (3 failures)
    • PeopleSoft interface to BTSUE (1 failure)
  • Innovating Together in ‘05:
    • Built a working ticketing solution from scratch in 3 months with 7 people
    • Solution has been live for the athletics fall and winter seasons, with our largest event comprising around 2,000 students
    • Partnership with Blackboard and Sequoia
  • Contact Info: