wireless technology n.
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Wireless technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Wireless technology

Wireless technology

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Wireless technology

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  1. Wirelesstechnology Berto Cantu

  2. Connectivity,Wireless • “A concept related to using computer networks to link people and resources” • A revolution brought to the computer world is the wireless world of the internet • Wireless networks (WLAN)

  3. Beginning of a new revolution • The wired LAN network is starting to disappear now that the new phenomena of wireless technology has been introduced. • The wireless LAN networks still have the ability to surf the internet just as fast as the wired LAN just without the fiber optic cable connected. • This recent technology is paving the way to our future ahead of us.

  4. Wireless Market • Instead of having cable modems to connect to the internet routers that find an access point are the newest replacement. • Notebooks or laptops sold are coming equipped with wireless cards already built into the computer that allow you to connect to wireless networks. • WI-FI, 802.11 used to connect computers together wirelessly. • Technology keeps improving and it is important that society is aware of technological advances.

  5. Students benefit • High speed internet is still achieved through the wireless connectivity and sometimes faster. • If you can’t sit down at desk and work on your computer the wireless technology allows you to be mobile as long as your within the access point. • Smart classrooms at Fresno State are starting to come equipped with access points for students to bring notebooks and be on the internet at the same time. • Printers can be shared, files, and messaging without physical connections such as a cable.

  6. Consumer interest • Corporations and businesses are starting to implement this new technology into their business. • Starbucks Coffee has wireless networks at most of their locations to ensure the customer has what he/she needs while drinking coffee. • With the wireless technology people can always stay connected

  7. Society’s use • The wireless world has been spreading for the past five years with the significant increase in cell phones and notebooks. • GPS (Global positioning system) satellite based but it is still relies on the wireless technology.

  8. Present • Today’s generation is learning this new technology and it will probably spark new advancements in technology. • Wireless products are one of the newest commodities on the market.

  9. The Future • The wireless revolution is the initial stages of a world without physical cable connections. • It makes life a whole lot easier and efficient. • Eventually this technology will take over any other existing technology.