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reflections of the chairwoman and vice chair n.
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Reflections of the Chairwoman and Vice- Chair PowerPoint Presentation
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Reflections of the Chairwoman and Vice- Chair

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Reflections of the Chairwoman and Vice- Chair
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Reflections of the Chairwoman and Vice- Chair

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  1. Reflections of the Chairwoman and Vice- Chair Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! Anne & Steve

  2. NGAC Accomplishments • Adopted the NGAC Bylaws • Approved NGAC Mission Statement • Approved Changing Landscape White Paper • Approved Transition Paper • Endorsed recommendations in National Research Council report, “National Land Parcel Data: A Vision for the Future” and identified comments related to recommendations • Approved NGAC Strategic Vision • Endorsed August 2009 FGDC Executive Committee Record of Decision (ROD) on Imagery for the Nation (IFTN) • Adopted the Economic Recovery Subcommittee’s paper on lessons learned from the economic recovery bill • Adopted the geospatial policy benefits paper

  3. NGAC Accomplishments • Provided feedback and advice on the new Geospatial Platform Initiative • Adopted paper on the benefits of a national geospatial policy • Endorsed high-level concepts in the Governance Subcommittee’s paper on NSDI metrics • Adopted Action Plan for subcommittees organized under the following areas: • Geospatial Platform • Place-Based Policies • The National Map • Partnerships • Emerging Technologies • Governance • Communications • Broadband Mapping • Geospatial Workforce

  4. NGAC Accomplishments • Established the NGAC as an action oriented body that drives to results. • Established the NGAC as a diverse forum to debate geospatial issues • Created a sense of esprit de corps within the Committee • Raised the visibility of Geospatial with the Administration • Visits by politicals from OMB Briggs and Kundra, • Visits by politicals from DOI, HUD & GSA • Created the environment and foundation for the development of the Geospatial Platform • Created a body that has the respect of the geospatial community generally across the US.

  5. I built them! I paid for them! They’re MINE! DATA DATA DATA Believe it or not… just ten years ago

  6. NO! If I share my data, other people will: • take credit for it • mess it up • use it for their own good! C’mon, won’t you share your data?

  7. But if you share your data, others will share their data with you… • I don’t want their stinky data – who knows where it’s been? • How was it created? • What sources were used? • Were there field checks? • What attributes, measures, methods, did they use?

  8. Components of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure(NSDI) • Policies & Institutional Arrangements (governance, data privacy & security, data sharing, business models, data licensure and publicly available data) • People (training, professional development, career models, job descriptions, certification and licensure) • Data (digital base map, thematic, statistical, place names, authoritative data and crowd sourced data) • Technology (standards, cloud computing, hardware, software, networks, databases, technical implementation plans)

  9. Thank you • Thanks to the staff for the superior support • Thanks to Ivan and Karen for the commitment, tenacity and patience. • Thanks to Stephen for his support, guidance and input not to mention the company • Thanks to all of the members who have put our collective goals first, who have given of their time, who have listened more than they have spoken. • I learned a lot! • Adieu!