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Professional Learning Year 4

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Professional Learning Year 4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Georgia Reading First Professional Learning Year 4 Julie Morrill, Project Director Professional Learning Goal To build state-level capacity to provide building-level support for Reading First implementation To evaluate data from Reading First efforts

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Professional Learning Year 4

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professional learning goal
Professional Learning Goal

To build state-level capacity to provide building-level support for Reading First implementation

To evaluate data from Reading First efforts

To build state-level capacity to use research to inform practice within and beyond Reading First

year 1 pl activities
Year 1 PL Activities
  • RCs built knowledge of research and instruction in the areas of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension
    • (You can revisit these sessions through the GPB tapes)
  • RCs redelivered study groups to LCs, who redelivered to teachers
  • RCs built PL skills through video and confidential feedback
year 2 pd activities
Year 2 PD Activities
  • RCs worked with Architects on the design of PL presentations
  • RCs presented multiple grade-level-specific jigsaw study groups to LCs; LCs delivered to RCs
year 3 pl activities
Year 3 PL Activities
  • Architects designed a menu of modules for RCs to select from, prepare for, and deliver to Cohort 1 coaches
  • Coaches were charged with leading grade-level team meetings to plan for differentiated instruction on their own
We have accomplished curriculum and school organization goals for both Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 schools.
professional support system
Professional Support System

Joyce, B., & Showers, B. (2002). Student achievement through staff development. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

gradual release model

All Teacher

Teacher +


All Students

Gradual Release Model

Pearson, P.D., & Gallagher, M.C. (1983). The instruction of reading comprehension. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 8, 317-344.

i do we do they do

Architects for


LCs for



“I do, we do, they do”

RCs for LCs

august rc events
August RC Events
  • August 7-8: Meeting with Architects in Athens at Classic Center
  • August 27: New Administrator’s Bootcamp in Forsyth
  • August 28-29: New Literacy Coach training in Forsyth
new rc books for year 4
New RC Books for Year 4!

Five books have been selected by the Architects for use in RC Study Groups. (We may use portions of some of these plus additional sources to be identified later.)


O’Connor, R. E. (2007). Teaching

word recognition: Effective

strategies for students with

learning difficulties. New York:

Guilford Press.


Bear, D.R., Invernizzi, M.,

Templeton, S.R., & Johnston, F.

(2007). Words their way: Word

study for phonics, vocabulary,

and spelling instruction (4th ed.).

Upper Saddle River, NJ:

Prentice Hall.


Stahl, S.A., & Nagy, W.E. (2005).

Teaching word meanings.

Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum



Raphael, T. E., Highfield, K., &

Au, K. H. (2006). QAR now: A

powerful and practical

framework that develops

comprehension and higher-level

thinking in all students. New

York: Scholastic.


Dickinson, D.K., & Neuman, S.B.

(Eds.) (2006). Handbook of early

literacy research (Vol. 2). New

York: Guilford Press.

september rc events
September RC Events
  • September 6-7: Struggling Readers in Athens
  • September 17: GRA Leadership Forum in Macon
  • September 18: Conference with Architects and all LCs in ________
  • September 27-28: Preservice Conference in Athens
october rc events
October RC Events
  • October 22: Principals’ meeting at Bagby
  • October 23: Principals’ meeting at Lake Ocmulgee
  • October 24: Principals’ meeting at Red Top Mountain
november rc events
November RC Events
  • November 5-6: RC meeting with Architects in Savannah
january rc events
January RC Events
  • January 8-9: Retreat with Architects and other researchers TBA
february rc events
February RC Events
  • February 18-19: Leadership Summit at ________
march rc events
March RC Events
  • March 10-11: Architect Site Visits, TBA
april rc events
April RC Events
  • April 14-15: Architect Site Visits, TBA
may rc events
May RC Events
  • May 4-8: IRA convention, Atlanta
june rc events
June RC Events
  • June 10-11: Funded Conference