Practitioner hospital data bank
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Practitioner Hospital Data Bank

Establishing BetterCommunication for Hospitals


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The Solution – Better Letters

  • To whom it may concern,

  • In response to your request for primary source verification of staff membership at XYZ Hospital, [insert practitioner name] is currently or was a member in good standing of the medical staff for the dates listed below:

  • Dates of AffiliationDepartment/SpecialtyStatus*

  • Dates Dept Status

  • *Please note that all statuses except Consulting, Associate-Consulting and Honorary have admitting privileges.

  • We feel the practitioner (while on staff):

  • has demonstrated professional performance within the acceptable standards of care,

  • has exercised good judgment in the care of patients at our hospital,

  • has not been disruptive to patient care, and

  • has complied with hospital policies, medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations.

  • To our knowledge:

  • there have not been any repeated complaints about this practitioner by patients, staff, or members of the medical staff,

  • this practitioner has not been subjected to disciplinary action by this hospital, another hospital or licensing body,

  • this practitioner appears to be in good health, does not appear to display chemical dependency and is able to perform in a competent manner.

  • If this information does not agree with your records or if you need additional information, please contact the Medical Staff Office at 555-999-3106.

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The Solution – Better Letters

  • Other Items to Include

    • Practitioners Photos

    • Privileging Information/Comments

    • Practice Care Statistics

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The Solution – Better Policy

Most Important!

For your practitioners, be truthful with

your responses and be careful that the truth is based on documented facts, not conjecture and opinions.

Under HCQIA, a hospital is immune from damages for providing information unless it knowingly provides false information.

Having written policies and procedures will back and validate up your communication process.