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integrated e portfolio for integrative learning l.
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Integrated E-portfolio for Integrative Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated E-portfolio for Integrative Learning

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Integrated E-portfolio for Integrative Learning
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Integrated E-portfolio for Integrative Learning

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  1. Integrated E-portfolio for Integrative Learning Madhumita Bhattacharya and Maggie Hartnett Massey University, New Zealand ePortfolio New Zealand 2005

  2. Integrated e-portfolio • A hybrid form all the different types of portfolios (showcase, structured and learning). • Demonstrates learning in all the three domains of learning (cognitive, psychomotor and affective) including interpersonal domain. • Emphasis is on one’s own integration and conceptualization of the process of learning.

  3. Integrated e-portfolio vs. Integrative Learning • integrated e-portfolio to understand the links between different papers (courses) and • its association with the concept of integrative learning. • Integrative learning comes in many varieties: • connecting skills and knowledge from multiple sources and experiences; • applying theory to practice in various settings; • utilizing diverse and even contradictory points of view; and, • understanding issues and positions contextually.

  4. Conceptual Framework for Integrated E-portfolio

  5. Objectives of the Project on Integrated e-portfolio* • To develop an integrated electronic student’s portfolio framework based on assessment related tasks and the graduate profile for students in the “distance and online” endorsement in the MEd. • This portfolio would be designed to allow students to display a range of work completed in the three core papers in the endorsement. • It would be an appropriate means for students in this field to display key aspects of their expertise. • To support the a programmatic approach to assessment and knowledge development is enhanced and maintained. • To develop a web-based framework for e-portfolio for its use across different papers and subject areas. * Researchers: Madhumita Bhattacharya, Bill Anderson and Mary Simpson

  6. Expected Outputs • Students will have a portfolio of assessed work that will provide a presentation of key knowledge and skills developed through their study. • Employers will be able to see in an electronic form student work that demonstrates their skills and knowledge. • Students will through this process be led to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses in a manner that gives direction for future study. • Creation and development of integrated e-portfolio will enable students to learn and develop research skills useful for project/thesis work in the later part of their study.

  7. Student Experience • Activities towards the development integrated e-portfolio: • Personal e-portfolio developed initially as part of the Instructional Design core paper. • Based on the graduate profile outcomes for MEd(DistOnlineEd). • Objectives of each core paper then linked to the graduate profile. • Artefacts that demonstrate the achievement of graduate outcomes linked via paper objectives. • Reflective journal writing ongoing part of process.

  8. Students Experience • Achievements through the development of integrated e-portfolio: • Developing the e-portfolio provided an opportunity to reflect on studies to-date and the achievement of objectives at a paper and programme level. • Highlighted and clarified the links between the core papers. • Motivated me to go beyond one assignment and develop my e-portfolio to include completed papers (PGDipEd). • Provided a potential focus for future Masters studies.

  9. Future Work • Developing the framework for integrated e-portfolio • Introducing e-portfolios in other postgraduate and undergraduate papers • Modifying the tool for assessment of e-portfolios • Conducting evaluation studies to assess the effectiveness of e-portfolios.